So in just over a week, I’ll be fulfilling something I’ve wanted for a WHILE. A session in person with the one and only @HairyHypnotist! Excited and nervous is an understatement! Who’s had a session with him in person before! What was it like? 😈

Meeting @HairyHypnotist tomorrow for the first time in person, saying I’m excited is a understatement

All I can think about is @HairyHypnotist voice, spoke on the phone earlier, he didn’t hypnotise me or anything but, his voice is just so soothing and relaxing

@HairyHypnotist has been occupying my thoughts for so long now. His eyes and voice 😈 I’m craving him saying to me “look into my eyes” 😈😈

Really struggling to get @HairyHypnotist out of my head, always thought to myself that I was in control of happens on sessions but coming to the realisation that he is in control and I must Obey

Keep having dreams about @HairyHypnotist, they are just as intense as our sessions, in my dream last night he teased me with my trigger word, it was amazing

@HairyHypnotist has pulled me in so much at the moment, had a session with him the other day, now i just wanna look into his eyes

Last night I had enough dream about @HairyHypnotist, god damn these dreams get more intense every time, i don’t think I can talk to him without getting lost in his eyes now aha! So hot

Can’t seem to get @HairyHypnotist eyes out of my head, seriously guys, let this guy take you under

@HairyHypnotist You have completely got into my mind as you know master, I’m so obsessed, if anyone is looking to be properly hypnotised, you need to go to @HairyHypnotist! Trust me you won’t regret it

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I’ve been taken under by @HairyHypnotist quite a few times, each time is more intense, more amazing and he knows how to get inside someone’s head and leaves you wanting more.

So amazing I have had many dreams about him hypnotising me, one was a few nights ago, I tried my best and tried to resist Looking into his eyes but I couldn’t the gaze was too strong for my mind. I completely fell into his spell


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