So in just over a week, I’ll be fulfilling something I’ve wanted for a WHILE. A session in person with the one and only @HairyHypnotist! Excited and nervous is an understatement! Who’s had a session with him in person before! What was it like? 😈

Erotic hypnosis 

@Arr123 @HairyHypnotist Saw him in Chicago 2 weeks ago. He still has some kind of hold over me to this day. If you look at my (and his) posts since then you'll see a lot of what happened during the session. Just typing about it now has gotten me very, VERY horny and I'm going to need to rub one out shortly. If you want more details, dm me. I need to please my Master by jacking off now!

Erotic hypnosis 

@chirob2 @HairyHypnotist I just can’t wait to look into his eyes 😈😈

Erotic hypnosis 

@chirob2 @HairyHypnotist that sounds incredible, I have crazy butterflies already haha

erotic hypnosis 

@Arr123 @HairyHypnotist For my experience with hin, he made me feel very comfortable. it was clear, talking with him, I was diligent and good at boundaries. It made me feel very safe.
Between his technique and his naturally delicious voice, he was very effective at taking me under.

by the end of the night, i was begging to be allowed to worship his pits and feet.


@Arr123 @HairyHypnotist is amazingly good at hypnosis and he quickly will have you under and docile. His voice has a melodic quality that helps to guide you right down and focus you intensely on whatever it is you want from your session. In my case, I was quickly rendered into an obedient state where I was servicing Daddy as the most masculine Master this boy had ever seen.


@Arr123 @HairyHypnotist 2/ The second time I went under for him he unlocked a fantasy I didn’t realise I really had and I became “Al the Bull,” a strong, deep-voiced, aggressive, simple muscle bull dedicated to getting swole and servin his Master, Daddy. He set the idea of me wanting to work out up, but the other parts came from inside me... he gave me the tools to release them. I literally could feel like I was a muscle bull and even fantasised while under in that persona! He’s AMAZING!

@Arr123 @HairyHypnotist @Matchstickmen75 @bootblackcub Very understandable. If you think you’re craving a session now, just wait. You’ll want another. And another, etc.

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