Yesterday I had a session with @HairyHypnotist after a long time. I missed him so much, I missed his voice. As soon as I heard him I felt so good and so submissive. He hypnotized me and it was great, I am so proud of being his slave, so eager to please him and make him happy. He is the best person and master in the world.

I had a shower and suddenly I thought to my master @HairyHypnotist and I felt compelled to take a picture of my body, a body that I work out every day now.

@HairyHypnotist Is brainwashing me over and over. I like so much, I am every 5more under his control. He is taking complete control of my mind and body. I will do whatever he wants.
He is the best hypnotist in the worl

@HairyHypnotist want me to post pictures of me naked and pleasing his is the most important thing for me

@HairyHypnotist is the best hypnotist ever. I am always happier with every sessions. He is brainwashing me and I love what he is doing. His perfect voice put me in trance very easily, and I would like to hear it all the time. I can not be happier. I will soon begin the experience of showing online.


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