It's been a while since I've posted; this still isn't a habit. I had a great session with @HairyHypnotist a while ago; I always enjoy our chats. As I'm coming up on the 3/4 mark of my challenge I looked at my bedroom closet. I've always kept my leather clothing in a secondary bedroom, but decided I should switch them to better reflect the current reality. Before/After.

I just got back from IML weekend where I picked up a leather t-shirt; I've wanted one for a while.

I'm been really surprised at how much I like it! It's *so* comfortable. It's pretty thin leather, but still makes that wonderful noise every time I move and constantly fills my nostrils with its scent. Although I love the restrictiveness of heavier items, I think this is my new favorite piece! I find myself in a near-constant state of semi-arousal in it. Interesting!

Another look back.
I didn't set out to take the late CalRider's Gear365 challenge: to spend a year wearing some sort of gear every single day. But I realized that I just completed 1/3 of it, being in at least 50% leather (usually 100%) for at least 10 hrs/day since the 1st Sat of December.
It's either work uniform or leather, unless there is a good reason to wear something else; even during errands I have on a leather shirt or jacket. Leather makes me feel so calm and pleasant.

Looking back, I thought I posted an updated gym pic. This is after about a year. I've lost some progress due to a pinched nerve in my shoulder that kept me out of the gym for about another year. Can't wait to get back at it!

I love hypnosis! I love changes: both being aware and unable to resist and being unaware until later and noticing only in hindsight.

I was emptying a couple drawers of white cotton t-shirts since I realized I haven't worn one in a year or two; they feel strange and unpleasant against my skin -- all thick and fluffy compared to UnderArmour, which I needed more room for. And I noticed I was getting hard while doing it. Interesting. More purging to come. It feels really good! REALLY good.

I've been friends with @HairyHypnotist since we met at a HypnoCon a few years ago. He's one of the few who can get me nicely blanked out and I (we?) have had a lot of fun exploring.

Among other things we've been concentrating on getting me in shape. Although working out hasn't been the central focus of our work and credit must be shared with another friend of mine, HH has definitely had a hand in helping me make changes. Thanks!!


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