Been chaste (locked) for 3 days. Need the support 😅

Thinking more and more about having someone managing a chastity lock on me. Need to find the right daddy.

So horny today. Want a daddy. Want a good sniff and licking. Want a keyholder. And have nothing of that 😢

Really like being shaved and smooth. Txs for the constant good pieces of advice @HairyHypnotist

Anyone here had experiences with chastity and keyholding..kinda in my mind lately

Having a hard focusing on my work. Anyone has a piece of advice to help me keeping it quiet?

Been a while since I did not post anything here. I was advised that if I want to feel better with my submissive side, showing off more to a trustful community would be a good first step.

Please feel free to like and tell me if you like that I follow that path.

Hard again in the water. Do you like it guys? Or do you prefer my bottom?

@HairyHypnotist told me i d feel good showing off more to get the attention of men. It feels sometimes like being a hooker. But I can't say it feels bad.

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