About to try “something new,” which may backfire. If I or my toots disappear, remember me well. 🤣

@urso Hey, are you starting up a bear Discord server? I’d enjoy being involved if I could.

And for the record, I haven’t cum outside of a boy since mid-December. Even that time was one of the narrow exceptions. I haven’t actually jerked off and cum “just for fun” since mid November.,

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Oddly enough, I have not had blue balls or any other problems like that. I feel very high energy, not depleted. And, not to put too fine a point on it, my dick feels heavier and thicker for a long time afterward.

Right now I’m in the “what’s not to like?” camp.

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Had a lovely chat with @HairyHypnotist a few minutes ago and told Him a bit about one of the challenges I’ve undertaken: saving my seed for the boys I play with. Basically, I made a commitment to cum only inside boys as much as possible (or other very specific conditions, such as being ordered to). That translates into self-regulated chastity most of the time. But in order to “keep the juices flowing” I’ve been edging 1-3 times per day.

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erotic hypnosis 

@HairyHypnotist thanks again for another amazing session! Being your mindless slave whilst riding your dick was so hot! And I was so horny for the rest of the day I did it some more after my workout ☺️

@bootblackcub Hey there! @HairyHypnotist said I should ask you about the hangouts coming up. I can’t make this week, but will you be doing one next week?

It’s been too long, but I wanted to check back in and see how everyone here is doing!

(It’s been long enough I even posted from the wrong account.)

Sorry I’ve been away for a while, guys. Work has been really busy—and will be for a few more weeks yet. But I wanted to stop by and see what was going on! Glad to see guys around here going under for each other. (And, selfishly, for @HairyHypnotist, but I’m biased there. 😁 )

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Just wanted to thank HairyHypnotist for being available to talk through hypnosis ethics. It always helps to get an objective opinion and have a friendly voice give you advice and reassurance. You are a good man and i admire you greatly!

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Can’t seem to get @HairyHypnotist eyes out of my head, seriously guys, let this guy take you under

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@bobbybot99 were you surprised to be fully naked and dripping pre-cum when you woke up? 😁

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Just had a really nice conversation with @bobbybot99, who has never been hypnotized before but wants me to hypnotize him for the first time! I’m looking forward to it — I think it will be a lot of fun. 😉


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