Update: @onetimtyler has decided to take the refund after all, and has deleted his Mastodon account, as well. Oh well — can’t win ‘em all, I guess. 🙁

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@HairyHypnotist It's also worth understanding that some people just can't experience trance the way most can, due to some difference in our brains. For me it's autism. Learning that hypnosis doesn't really happen for me in any useful (to me) way was crushing. Learning that it actually exists for others and I'm good at it was... kind of a nice consolation prize. But always aware that there are others like me who just can't.

@HairyHypnotist yeah it was a great session, I've been feeling nice and chilled out since :)

@HairyHypnotist oh of course, we would love to do another episode on hypno. You might say we have a personal interest in it. Do you have any suggestions on what you would like to hear on a follow up episode?

After the session, we were chatting about how it went and what he remembered. At one point, I pointed out that he went *very* deep into trance, and he replied "Yes, Master" automatically. Then he realized what he said, and was very surprised -- and clearly, very turned on, as well. Hmm, I wonder how that could have happened... 🤔

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I incorporated many different suggestions into @sparky's trance, including workout motivation, a deeper pup headspace when he wears his pup hood, and of course a desire to submit and get used. I didn't allow him to cum during the session, even though I could tell that he really wanted to -- instead, I told him that he could cum *after* he did a workout while wearing the pup hood. He seemed to *really* like that idea 😉

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The good news is, I had a successful hypnosis session with @sparky this morning! He has a lot of experience with hypnosis, so it wasn't difficult for me to drop him into a trance. He was also *very* responsive to my suggestions. I give most of my subjects a pleasure trigger: a word or phrase that makes them feel incredibly good when I use it. When I first used @sparky's pleasure trigger, he writhed and moaned loudly enough that he startled me! That doesn't happen often...

However, I'm happy to report that @onetimtyler decided not to take the refund, and instead is going to try again with me sometime in the future. Will I be able to hypnotize him on the second try? Who knows! But because of that conversation we had after the unsuccessful session, I have a pretty good idea of where I went wrong. Next time, I'll take things more slowly, and hopefully build enough trust that he feel more comfortable letting go.

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I'm a professional hypnotist, and I do charge for hypnosis sessions. However, I don't believe in making people pay for a bad experience. I offered @onetimtyler a full refund for the session he booked with me, and I make the same offer to anyone who doesn't go into trance during one of my hypnosis sessions.

My success rate is quite high, but not 100%, and offering refunds makes *me* feel better when things don't work out.

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If someone is having difficulty with going into trance, I would *much* prefer that they tell me so, the way @onetimtyler did. That way, we can discuss the situation, and hopefully find a way to solve the problem, rather than just ignoring it and hoping it will go away.

Feedback and constructive criticism are some of the best ways to learn. Every subject is different, and sometimes I need to learn more about a particular subject before I can hypnotize him effectively.

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What's more, the harder you try to let go, the more difficult it is to actually do so! "Trying" implies focused effort towards a particular goal, while "letting go" means allowing your mind to wander without a particular goal or direction. Some people are so driven and goal-oriented in their everyday lives, that the idea of not having a goal is difficult to grasp!

That doesn't mean people like that can't be hypnotized, it just means that they need to learn how to stop trying.

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@onetimtyler told me that he felt relaxed, but also that he felt like he was "playing along" for me: responding in the ways that he thought he was supposed to, rather than truly letting go and allowing his subconscious mind react automatically. It's not the first time I've heard that from someone who has difficulty going into trance. I think most people are at least a bit scared of losing control, even if that fear is also mixed with curiosity and arousal.

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Yesterday, I tried a hypnosis session with @onetimtyler, and unfortunately, it didn't go as well as either of us hoped. In fact, he stopped the session mid-way through, and told me that he didn't feel like he was hypnotized.

Normally, I prefer to focus more on my successes than my failures, but I think it's important to point out that *nobody* is perfect, including me. I'm actually very glad that @onetimtyler felt comfortable enough to tell me that it wasn't working for him!

I listen to the Kinkyboys Podcast, and I like it enough that I decided to sponsor them! It's a podcast about sex and kink, and it's a lot of fun 😃

You can listen to the podcast on Spreaker: spreaker.com/show/kinkyboys-po

And they're on Mastodon, as well! @kinkyboyspod

Sadly, they already did an episode about erotic hypnosis, long before I discovered the show. Maybe they'll revisit the topic in the future? 🤔

One of the guys I’ve been working with has been going through a really rough situation lately. I won’t use his username, but you know who you are.

My thoughts are with you, friend. I’m here to support you however I can, and I hope others do so as well. You deserve freedom and kindness: ride your dragon high into the sky.

To everyone else: take care of your friends, including the ones who always take care of you. The ones who give the most, sometimes forget to take care of themselves.

Was fun to chat to @HairyHypnotist today about doing a session, looking forward to it!

@bootblackcub @aphyr @HairyHypnotist Yeah ... he is in my head pretty good right now and will have another chance in a couple of days ... so yeah ... he does!!

Just did a really fun hypno session with @HairyHypnotist. He's good at getting in your head! >:-)

anyway where was I

and where are my clothes

Just chatted with @otterbare about hypnosis, and now he wants to try a session with me as well! I’m really glad that there’s so much interest in all this — I think I’ve chatted with 3 new guys in 3 days!

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