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Hypnosis is nothing more or less than a state of highly focused attention. Most people go in and out of light hypnotic trances multiple times every day. It’s a natural state of mind where you are able to learn & retain information at a higher rate than normal.

It also helps you get in touch with your subconscious mind, which is the part of your mind that processes emotion and desire, among other things. That’s why hypnotic suggestions are so effective for modifying desires, sexual & otherwise.

@HairyHypnotist want me to post pictures of me naked and pleasing his is the most important thing for me


Just had a chat with @HairyHypnotist and since he mentioned sharing pictures online...

@HairyHypnotist is the best hypnotist ever. I am always happier with every sessions. He is brainwashing me and I love what he is doing. His perfect voice put me in trance very easily, and I would like to hear it all the time. I can not be happier. I will soon begin the experience of showing online.

Hello everyone.
First post here. TBH I m not used to talking about myself but I think now is a good time to open up. I m from France and will try here to let go of my fear and inhibitions to maybe get to know new people with different ways of living, kinks or passion. Txs @HairyHypnotist for letting me now this network. We ll see what the journey will be!

our February episode is in the can. had a great time talking with @HairyHypnotist and I'm excited for y'all to hear this episode.
#kbHypno #kinkyboyspodcast

I'm also helping @Benben901 to feel more comfortable with the idea of showing off his naked body online. We've talked about having him post some pictures or do a cam show, and I hope he decides to follow through on doing so. If you like the idea, feel free to send him a message and let him know! Ultimately, it's his decision, but I'm optimistic that he will decide to take my advice.

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When I said his trigger word, @Benben901 went deep into trance, instantly relaxed and obedient. I decided that I wanted him to feel more comfortable with nudity in general, so I started giving him some suggestions around making him enjoy social nudity. I helped him understand that, while clothes are necessary in some situations, it's better to be naked if possible. I also told him that he would have no concerns about being naked at home, even if other people are around.

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I did another hypnosis session with @Benben901 earlier today. I asked him what he wanted me to do to him, and he said "whatever you want" -- seems like he just loves the feeling of submitting to me! In the past, we worked on making him feel more comfortable with being naked in front of me, so I decided to take that a bit further today.

Just did an interview with @kinkyboyspod! It was fun, and I'm looking forward to hearing the episode when it's live. Thanks, @bootblackcub!


I've been keeping in contact with @subzero, and just did a hypnosis session with him earlier tonight. He really likes findom, and wants me to push him further and further into tributing larger and larger amounts. I won't deny that I enjoy it, and he *definitely* does as well.

There's something thrilling about ordering someone to send you money, and seeing that he does so: instantly, happily, & eager for the next order. If anything, I'm holding him back from tributing as much as he wants!

Really struggling to get @HairyHypnotist out of my head, always thought to myself that I was in control of happens on sessions but coming to the realisation that he is in control and I must Obey

@HairyHypnotist *hypnotised monotone* "i will have a happy and hypnotic new year"

Going back to 2005 to tell newly-out Kyle that he's going to grow up to be friends with a bunch of butch bearded bodybuilders and radical-femme glitch-art women, then drawing a venn diagram and explaining that a bunch of your friends will, at various times, fall into both categories.

Honestly, pretty rad that so many of us have the chance to become our best selves.

@HairyHypnotist Work at least five minutes daily on a certain project … and maybe draft a new batch of hypnotic fiction toots to publish here.

@HairyHypnotist muscle gain and focus, as well as better control over my diet and weight

@HairyHypnotist Weight loss is always up there as well as muscle gain.

@HairyHypnotist is such a good tist, and I'm in the mood to go down for him with another sub. Who else is interested?

What are your resolutions for the coming year? And do you want some hypnotic help in following through on them?

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