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Hypnosis is nothing more or less than a state of highly focused attention. Most people go in and out of light hypnotic trances multiple times every day. It’s a natural state of mind where you are able to learn & retain information at a higher rate than normal.

It also helps you get in touch with your subconscious mind, which is the part of your mind that processes emotion and desire, among other things. That’s why hypnotic suggestions are so effective for modifying desires, sexual & otherwise.

Thinking back on camp, the scene I'm most proud of was just 25 minutes of quiet talking. A little hypno session with a friend who was having a lot of anxiety around the run--he wanted to play but couldn't get out of his head enough to actually start a scene. We just focused on relaxing and letting go of some of that fear, feeling safe and trusting that his brothers would support him, and being able to say yes (or no) to whatever scenes came his way, when he felt ready.

However, I have been doing some more online hypnosis sessions. @CMHlthr told me that he doesn't have work this week, so we've been doing a lot of trances together, mostly focused on making him work out more regularly. I've also done a few sessions with @Benben901 and @OpenBottom as well; they both love being brainwashed more and more deeply to serve me however I want.

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Tel Aviv has been quite relaxing. I'm traveling on my own, and it's nice going at my own pace and doing whatever I feel like doing -- which has mostly been wandering around the streets, enjoying the beach, and being lazy in my hotel room. I've met up with a few local guys, and I'll probably continue doing so a bit more. No in-person hypnosis sessions yet, but that might change.

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I haven't posted much lately, but I'm still alive! I had a really nice trip to Luxembourg and Europapark with @cubboy; he clearly loves being a tour guide, and we both had a great time sightseeing and riding as many rollercoasters as we could. After getting back from that trip, I had three days back in Amsterdam, and now I'm in Tel Aviv for a week.

I'm doing some research for some ideas for scene programming in something like MMM. I'm curious if folks feel like they find it easier to fall back into a trance, or even a deeper trance, shortly after they orgasm? I'd also love to hear folks experiences with sound and light (spirals, flashes, binaural beats, etc) as part of deepening and reinforcement phases of their hypnotic experiences. I'm all for more details, and happy to have a voice chat if that's easier, just hit me up!

Had another amazing session with @HairyHypnotist yesterday. I don't remember much of what happened - just a few phrases - but that's a part of what makes it so exciting. I'm just following wherever he might be leading me

It's been a while since I've posted; this still isn't a habit. I had a great session with @HairyHypnotist a while ago; I always enjoy our chats. As I'm coming up on the 3/4 mark of my challenge I looked at my bedroom closet. I've always kept my leather clothing in a secondary bedroom, but decided I should switch them to better reflect the current reality. Before/After.

If you live in an American city and you want me to come visit, send me a message and let me know! I'm especially interested in gay/kinky events happening in late November/early December, and guys who want to book hypnosis sessions with me. There are so many wonderful people that I've gotten to know online but never met in person; maybe this is an opportunity to do so?

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I'm also planning a November trip back to the United States! My partner and I are heading to Orlando, FL to spend a few days at Disney World with a kinky friend. Then going to Miami for the weekend, then we're off to the Washington DC area to spend Thanksgiving with my family. After that... I'm not sure! There are a few cities I'd love to visit (Boston, New York, Chicago) but we haven't finished planning the trip yet.

I'm also traveling to Tel Aviv, Israel from Sept 3 to 11. I don't have much planned yet for this trip; I'm looking forward to exploring the city and relaxing at the beach. But if you're in Israel and interested in meeting up, please send me a message! I'd love to meet some friendly guys on this trip 😄

I've got some travel plans coming up! In about a week or so, I'm traveling to Luxembourg to visit @cubboy -- he and I are going to Europapark together! ( I've never been to Luxembourg or Europapark, and I think @cubboy will enjoy playing tour guide for me. And I'm sure we'll do some hypnosis together as well!

If there's anyone else nearby who wants to meet up while I'm traveling let me know!

Hello all from Montreal, Canada.
I'm a hypnotist very close to the kinky, fetish, leather, puppy and hypno community here in Montreal.
I'm always looking for boys who want to explore and further hypno experiences.

Had a really nice night with @RubberSD, who was passing through Amsterdam briefly. We got dinner together and chatted, and I got to show him my home and make out with him for awhile. No hypnosis, but that doesn’t matter; he’s a lovely man, and I hope we see more of each other in the future!

@hypnocub I’ve done this sort of thing before! It’s a lot of fun. I know @Ldnirishcub really enjoys his himbo thong, for example.

@HairyHypnotist from what I remember, we did some sensation play that I found extremely enjoyable, my nipples aren’t usually particularly sensitive so it was extremely interesting to experience the sensitivity.
There was also some memory play as well as intelligence reduction, which was extremely fun. At points it felt like my brain was slightly and fuzzy and at others it was a true ‘the lights are on but no one’s home’

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So, after a whirlwind weekend, and with @HairyHypnotist’s permission I’d like to talk about the session we had last week. For some context, we had spoken online many times and we had some a few online sessions whilst I was living abroad.

long term mental conditioning 

when i think back to all the ways ive changed over the last 2 years it makes me really proud of how far I've come.

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