I did another hypnosis session with @Benben901 earlier today. I asked him what he wanted me to do to him, and he said "whatever you want" -- seems like he just loves the feeling of submitting to me! In the past, we worked on making him feel more comfortable with being naked in front of me, so I decided to take that a bit further today.

When I said his trigger word, @Benben901 went deep into trance, instantly relaxed and obedient. I decided that I wanted him to feel more comfortable with nudity in general, so I started giving him some suggestions around making him enjoy social nudity. I helped him understand that, while clothes are necessary in some situations, it's better to be naked if possible. I also told him that he would have no concerns about being naked at home, even if other people are around.

I'm also helping @Benben901 to feel more comfortable with the idea of showing off his naked body online. We've talked about having him post some pictures or do a cam show, and I hope he decides to follow through on doing so. If you like the idea, feel free to send him a message and let him know! Ultimately, it's his decision, but I'm optimistic that he will decide to take my advice.

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