My interview on @kinkyboyspod recently came out, and as a direct result, several new guys interested in hypnosis have recently contacted me. I've had conversations with several of them, and earlier today, I actually did a hypnosis session with one of them: @tak. He's interested in sexual submission, and loves the idea of being hypnotized to submit, but so far, he's only listened to hypno audio files. He's never worked with a live hypnotist -- until today, that is.

@tak and I had an initial conversation where we talked about his experience with hypnosis, what he was looking for, and so on. He didn't have that many questions for me, probably because he had already heard my explanation of hypnosis on the podcast, and he knew what to expect. He definitely seemed really eager to try it, and when we started talking about when to schedule the session, he asked if it was possible to do it later that day. I'm not always available on short notice, but today I was!

When we started the hypnosis session, @tak was fully dressed, sitting in a chair at his desk. I started the induction, and was surprised to see how quickly he relaxed into a trance. I did a shortened version of my usual induction, and started giving him deepeners and hypnotic suggestions faster than I normally would -- he responded beautifully, almost falling out of his chair because he was so relaxed.

Once or twice, I actually had to tell @tak to sit up straight in his chair, because I was a bit concerned about his posture. He did so, of course; and then his posture sank down again as soon as I gave him some more hypnotic deepeners. Next time, I'll ask him to use a more supportive chair, or lie down on a bed instead!


erotic hypnosis 

Of course, I told @tak to get naked while in trance, and he obeyed automatically. I had him stand up for awhile, just listening while I continued to push suggestions into his mind, and noticed that his hard dick was just slightly above the top of the desk. By leaning his thighs against the desk to support himself, he had positioned his dick in such a way that his precum was slowly puddling onto the desk, and I could clearly watch it ooze out little by little.

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erotic hypnosis 

I also noticed that any time I used his pleasure trigger, @tak's cock would twitch dramatically -- and then about 10 seconds later, a much larger amount of precum would drip onto the desk. It was really hot to watch!

erotic hypnosis 

Finally, I brought @tak out of trance; naked, with only vague, fuzzy memories about what happened to him. We chatted a bit more, and I told him to stroke himself while we talked about his submissive desires. It didn't take long until he was ready to explode -- but he was sure to ask me for permission before he actually shot his load. I could tell that he *really* enjoyed the experience, and I'm curious when our next hypnosis session together will happen.

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