Just hypnotized @Ldnirishcub for the first time! He reached out to me about a week ago, asking about a hypnosis session to boost his motivation to work out more consistently. After chatting with him for a bit, I knew I could help him out -- and when he started asking about the erotic applications of hypnosis as well, I knew this would be a lot of fun.


After our initial chat, @Ldnirishcub told me that he was super excited about the idea of combining submission with workout motivation. On the day of our hypnosis session, he told me initially that he was a bit nervous, but I couldn't even tell -- he seemed very comfortable, especially when he slipped into a hypnotic state so easily once I started working on him.

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erotic hypnosis 

Once I had him in a deeper trance, I started giving @Ldnirishcub suggestions around wanting to submit to me and please me. Then I started layering in suggestions around fitness: tying his motivation to work out consistently to his desire to obey my commands. By the end of the session, he was naked, rock-hard, and happily repeating the phrases I was giving him: "I want to work out. I want get stronger and sexier for Master."

I have no doubt that @Ldnirishcub will be *very* motivated to work out consistently in the future. And I hope that we do more sessions together in the future, so I get to watch his body get more muscular over time!

@HairyHypnotist ‘stronger, sexier’ repeating over and over in my mind. Keeping me motivated

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