I've been doing a lot of hypnosis sessions lately! Yesterday I hypnotized @Eireguy for the first time. I could tell that he was really nervous at the start, but fortunately I was able to get him to relax, and he went much, much deeper into trance than he expected!


During our conversation the day before the hypnosis session, @Eireguy told me that he wanted to experience submission and erotic hypnosis, but also told me that he was only willing to go as far as taking off his shirt. Just before we started the session, he told me that he wasn't even comfortable with that. Understandable, especially if you're nervous about being seen online, but not exactly what I was hoping for.

I respect boundaries, and I was willing to work within the ones that @Eireguy set. However, I suggested that we check in mid-way through the hypnosis session, and see how he was feeling. He agreed. I put @Eireguy into a trance, helped him feel super submissive, and then took him out again to check how he was doing.

As I suspected, once @Eireguy had a taste of hypnotic submission, he wanted much, much more. He told me that he wanted to do anything I asked him to do, including getting fully naked. In fact, he asked for permission to do so. As tempting as that offer was, I only allowed him to take off his shirt, since that was the boundary he had set the day before.

In any Dom/sub situation, the Dominant must take responsibility for himself *and* for his submissive. The submissive headspace ("subspace") can be very exciting, and it causes some people to push themselves much farther than they are truly comfortable with going. This can result in a really, really bad experience for the sub after they come out of subspace. Since the Dom is in control of the situation, it's his job to make sure that this doesn't happen.

Did I overstep @Eireguy's boundaries, by allowing him to take off his shirt when he told me before the session that he didn't want that? Maybe -- but I only did so because I knew that he had been comfortable with that the day before, and his elevated boundaries appeared to only be due to nervousness. When he offered to take off the rest of his clothes, I knew that it wasn't ethical to go that far: that was clearly beyond the boundary he had initially set.

It seems like @Eireguy had a great time with his first hypnosis session (mastodon.hypnoguys.com/@Eiregu), and if we wants to try another one in the future, he has the option to set different boundaries for that session. Maybe he will be ready to take things further next time, but maybe not. Regardless of where you set your boundaries, Dom/sub situations can be very hot, and a lot of fun!

@HairyHypnotist thank you for the overview, it feels so good to relive it once more through your words when thinking of your voice. I was very happy with how the boundaries were handled. Even though I was putty in your hands because of your voice and power over me at the time, it was nice to leave it wanting more and not regretting going to far. You definitely created a safe space that left me eagerly anticipating a next time and wondering what can happen to make me even more submissive to you.

@HairyHypnotist just to add I actually had a dream about it last night which was a nice added bonus

@HairyHypnotist I woke up I’m the middle of the dream and had such a relaxed feeling like I was in a trance and I was wanting to explore a lot more submissiveness in it

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