Today, I did an impromptu hypnosis session with @buffedsub focused on submission training and bondage triggers, talked with @Secretfaggot about whether he should become a permanent slave to another man, and talked with @cubboy and @hypnocub about hypnotizing them without their knowledge or awareness. Oh, and I made @humiliationboy27 beg, again.

Today was a good day.

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To add a little bit to @HairyHypnotist’s post ....

I’ve chatted on and off with a Dom—let’s call him Nate—for a while, and last summer he made a straightforward proposition: accept what I’ll call “the Arrangement” or block him.

He argued that I hadn’t stuck with a Dom long-term because I had always given myself an out. So a consensual non-consent situation might work better: I give him compromising videos, and he would “own” my hook-up life. What that means is ...

... that I would set up a Grindr profile as he specified, including the description and tags. Every so often he asks me to send him screenshots of the grid, and I respond as he directs. He also orders me to make videos every so often, and is now instructing me to find a bigger dildo.

He has recently said that I will need to commit to him permanently, or end the Arrangement. I know @HairyHypnotist well enough and respect his opinion on kink matters that he would ...

... be able to give me some wise advice and think this through clearly. Because it is CNC, there is an element of fear that has led me to want to pull out, as well as a real turn-on, that gets me in a headspace where my decisions are less rational. His thinking was clear.

Ultimately, I’m going to go for it and see where this leads. It makes me a little nervous, but I am also realizing that some CNC might be good for me to explore.

Language and submission 

And I forgot to add!

I was instructed to wear a buttplug through the whole conversation and to have FAGGOT written across my chest. At the end, @HairyHypnotist instructed me to edge for a total of one hour with the plug in, broken up through the day as needed. I can’t count how many rimes I nearly came, and by the end I was so sensitive that it was al out impossible to stop. But I did it! (Forgot to take a pic, tho.)

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