Recently, I've been working with a Dom/sub couple: @sminties and @Dagongboy. They've been exploring dominance and submission for many years now, but are trying something new: 24/7 total power exchange. @sminties found me through @kinkyboyspod, and reached out to ask about using hypnosis to make @Dagongboy a better slave. I was intrigued!

In our initial chat, @sminties told me that @Dagongboy has a massive hypnosis fetish, and loves the idea of being a mindless, obedient slave. Before contacting me, the two of them had already tried exploring hypnosis in various different forms, but @sminties didn't have the confidence or experience to be an effective hypnotist. (Yet!) He had a long list of ideas for how to change @Dagongboy via hypnosis, and was eager to learn how to be a better hypnotist as well.

When I talked to @Dagongboy just before our first session, I found he was just as eager to be enslaved as @sminties described. However, he has a highly analytical mind, which makes it difficult for him to go into trance — and he has a bratty, rebellious streak, as well. Our first hypnosis session was mainly focused on getting him into a trance, and putting in some triggers that would make it easier for him to go into trance in the future.

@Dagongboy surprised me with his responses during the hypnosis session, and I had to make some adjustments to find a style that would work for him. Most of the other guys I hypnotize are motivated by pleasure: the promise of feeling pleasure is enough to make them want to obey. It's a simple Pavlovian response.

@Dagongboy is different; he's motivated by a desire to please others, and earn their approval. When I tried to make him feel pleasure, it barely worked at all, but when I tapped into his desire to be a perfect slave, he responded very strongly. He doesn't care so much about feeling pleasure; in fact, @sminties told me that he's more motivated by the idea of punishment. But as long as I have an emotion that I can use to lead @Dagongboy in the right direction, I can work with him!

Yesterday, we had our second hypnosis session, and it went much better than the first. @Dagongboy dropped into trance fairly quickly, and there were times during the session that I could tell he was responding to my words without any conscious thought whatsoever. I focused primarily on reinforcing the suggestions around going into trance more deeply and easily, and being a better slave.


I also brought in plenty of ideas around wanting and needing to be a good slave and obey @sminties's orders all the time, even when he wasn't around to check. One of the difficulties of a 24/7 TPE arrangement is that the Master can't always verify that the slave is following orders — so I reminded @Dagongboy that if he disobeys his Master, *he* will know that and have to live with that knowledge, even if his Master doesn't know.

@sminties has told me that he's already seeing changes in @Dagongboy's behavior and thought patterns, which is extremely encouraging! Fortunately, this is a self-reinforcing cycle: when @Dagongboy notices that he is changing his behavior and thoughts, that makes him excited to be a better slave, and makes him want to lean into the changes even more. I'm curious about where all this will lead, and how far he will go!

@HairyHypnotist @Dagongboy Love this! Always happy when I see my friends having good hypno experiences

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