Just did another hypnosis session with @brisboy. He loves being dominated and spanked, and although we haven't done a hypnosis session together in awhile, he reached out to me recently and asked about doing another session with me. Of course, I was happy to do so!


@brisboy told me that he has several local Doms and Daddies who enjoy spanking him, but he wants to take things further. His favorite thing is when the spanking gets so intense that he starts crying, both from the pain and from the shame. He asked me about using hypnosis not only to make him more submissive, but also to increase the intensity of his spankings so that he cries more easily.

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When I started the session with @brisboy, I noticed that he was a bit fidgety, which indicated that he wasn't going down into trance properly. That's not too surprising, since it's been months since the last time I hypnotized him. I slowed down, helped him relax different parts of his body one at a time, and reminded him of the triggers I had given him in the past. After about 10 minutes of relaxation, deepeners, and triggers, he was deeply hypnotized and ready for further suggestions.

First, I focused on submission. I reminded @brisboy that he wants and needs to be a good boy, and that he would feel very submissive towards any man in a position of dominance over him. I specifically included non-erotic situations, as well — I know that @brisboy enjoys being bossed around by his peers, as well. As I expected, he accepted those suggestions very eagerly and easily.


Next, spanking. I had @brisboy associate being spanked with a variation on age regression: putting him into the mindset of a young boy. He knows that he needs to be spanked, but that doesn't change the fact that it hurts, a lot — and young boys find it much harder to control their emotions, which means they're much more likely to cry. I also had @brisboy repeat the phrase "spanking makes me cry" over and over again several times.

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After giving @brisboy these hypnotic suggestions, I decided to test them. I ordered him to spank his own balls: he did so, and I could tell from his physical reactions and his tone of voice that it affected him powerfully, both physically and emotionally. It didn't quite make him cry, but it came close! I expect that with another man spanking him properly, and repeatedly, he will be crying in no time.

When he came out of trance, @brisboy told me that he felt deeply submissive. He told me that he felt like he had done something wrong and needed to make up for his transgression — but while that was normally a very negative feeling, he found that he really enjoyed it, and it felt appropriate. I told him that the next time he gets spanked, he is to sent me a report afterwards on how it went. Maybe he will post that report on Mastodon, as well!

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