Earlier today, I tried something new: I did a group erotic hypnosis session over videochat with both @hypnofeet and @newsub simultaneously. This was the first time I've hypnotized more than one person at the same time! It went really, really well, and I could tell that both of them enjoyed it immensely.

I decided to do the group session with @newsub and @hypnofeet because I've hypnotized both of them individually several times, and I knew they were both very responsive to my voice and my control. I think that helped a lot, especially because both of them told me they were a bit nervous beforehand! It's understandable; the sessions I do can get extremely personal and intimate, and sharing that with someone you barely know can be intimidating.

We started off with a conversation, all of us fully clothed, where I gave @hypnofeet and @newsub a general idea of what to expect during the session. I also told them that this was an experiment, and that if it didn't go as planned, that's OK! I asked about limits, gave them an opportunity to ask any questions they had, and generally tried to make them as confortable as possible.

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Once we started the session, I had @newsub and @hypnofeet relax into my voice, and triggered them both to go deep into trance. I told them that they could open their eyes even while deeply hypnotized, and emphasized that they would enjoy showing off for each other. After a few rounds of deepeners, I had them strip off their clothes, and both of them were rock-hard. They definitely seemed to like showing off while hypnotized!

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During the session, I leaned into the idea that there was another hypno subject present, turning it into a friendly competition of who could go deeper into trance, who could be more exhibitionistic, who was more turned on. I made @hypnofeet and @newsub believe they were horny gym bros, and had them chat with eachother about lifting weights and fucking in the gym showers. I had one show off his ass while the other enjoyed the view, then had them switch.

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I even had @newsub and @hypnofeet repeat hypnotic suggestions after me in unison. That's a tool that I often use in my sessions, but I hadn't experienced it in a group session before; it turned me on more than I expected. I'm convinced that hearing another hypnotized guy simultaneously repeating the hypnotist's words made the suggestions more powerful and effective for them, as well.


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After a few rounds of brainwashing and deepeners, I allowed @hypnofeet and @newsub to cum, which was very hot to watch. I then took them out of trance, and chatted with them about the experience. Both were still fully naked, and both were surprised at how totally comfortable they felt with that. I've ordered them both to write up their thoughts about the experience, as well.

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Would I do another group erotic hypnosis session over videochat? Yes, absolutely -- but I think for now, I'll stick with guys that I've done at least one individual session with. I could probably work with up to three subjects simultaneously, but I don't want to do more than that. It becomes harder to keep track of everyone, and see everyone on the videochat screen simultaneously!

@HairyHypnotist sounds like an incredibly hot experience overall. I mean, all of us succumb to your voice and power eventually.

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@HairyHypnotist @hypnofeet Thinking about the group session I don't remember much at all but I know that I came out of trance naked and covered in cum and feeling really relaxed and happy. Would definitely do this again :)

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