A few days ago, I got an interesting message from a guy on GROWLr. He saw in my profile that I'm a hypnotist, and was intrigued. Then he followed the link to my Mastodon, read through some of the posts, and got excited. He asked me if he could book a hypnosis session with me that evening: he was visiting Boston as well, and was flying back home the following day. Fortunately, the timing worked out, so I went over to his hotel that night.

We chatted for awhile before the session: he knew basically nothing about hypnosis, aside from what you see on movies & TV. I explained how it works, what's possible and what's not possible, and what he could expect for his first session. He was clearly fascinated to learn all of this, and appreciated that I made him so comfortable. I asked him what sort of session he was looking for, and he told me that he definitely wanted an erotic experience. 😈

I had him lie down on the bed, put my hand on his chest, and proceeded to help him relax and focus on my voice. For someone with no experience with hypnosis, he went into trance pretty easily — I could tell that the physical touch made it easier for him to relax. Once I had him naked and deeply hypnotized, I gave him some of my favorite suggestions and triggers to make him my eager, pliable boytoy for the evening.


Over the course of the session, he would sometimes come out of trance for a little while; which is perfectly normal, especially for a first-timer. Hypnosis requires a lot of mental focus, and it's hard to stay focused for a long time! During one of those breaks, I asked him how he felt about getting fucked, and he made it clear that he really wanted my cock in his ass. Definitely an exciting opportunity!



However, I discovered that my body had other ideas. Although I was enjoying myself very much, I couldn't stay hard long enough to fuck him. Maybe it was the jetlag, or the Covid stress, or something else entirely. I'm only human, and sometimes my body is unreliable. 😢

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We ended up cuddling together naked for a long time, while I occasionally used post-hypnotic triggers on him to make him squirm and moan with pleasure. He even fell asleep in my arms at one point, which was really sweet. In the end, we both jerked off, and it was still a really positive experience. You don't need an erection in order to have fun!


@HairyHypnotist that is one of the most erotic things I’ve ever read.

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