@chirob2 has been reading my Mastodon posts for a little while now, and was very eager to do a hypnosis session with me while I was in Chicago. Yesterday morning he came over to my hotel, and we did exactly that. He's an eager, experienced hypnosis subject, and it wasn't hard to take him deep into trance.

@chirob2 told me that he was curious to try memory play — coming out of trance with little to no memory of what happened during the session. Also known as "post-hypnotic amnesia," this is a real phenomenon that can occur with hypnosis, but it's much less common than popular media makes it out to be; most people come out of hypnosis sessions remembering everything that happened. However, sometimes it's exciting to not know what the hypnotist did to you; it's a very intense form of submission!

It didn't take long for me to hypnotize @chirob2; he told me that the physical touch of my hand on his chest and body helped him relax very deeply. I gave him a few fun triggers, and made sure to emphasize several times that when he came out of trance, he wouldn't remember anything. It might have worked a little *too* well — after I brought him out of trance, he didn't seem to realize that the hypnosis session had already happened!

Fortunately, triggers help in this situation. I used some of the triggers I had just set in @chirob2's mind, and he responded beautifully. Eventually, he was forced to admit that *something* had happened, and I had a fair amount of control over his mind and body, even if he wasn't sure how. (That's part of the fun! 😈)

erotic hypnosis 

Finally, I took @chirob2 back into trance and had him jerk off and cum, while he repeated "Master controls my mind" over and over. It was hot to watch! And once again, when I brought him out of trance, he had no memory of the experience; he seemed surprised to find that he was covered with his own cum! If that doesn't convince you that you were hypnotized, I don't know what will.


I told @chirob2 that the memories would come back to him the following day, and when I checked in on him earlier today, it sounded like most of the memories had done so. I feel like that's the best of both worlds: the excitement of amnesia, combined with the memories returning later so that you can re-live them in the future. But different people have different preferences, of course: some guys like the idea of being slowly reprogrammed without ever being aware of it.

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Erotic hypnosis 

@Ldnirishcub @HairyHypnotist It was so fuckin hot. Waking from trance and having to be told that you've got a big puddle of your own cum on your groin and over your hand and you just jacked yourself off. Not realizing your totally naked. Turning me on as I type this. 💦 😈

@HairyHypnotist @chirob2 deep reprogramming and brainwashing with no memory of it phew sign me up

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