I also did a hypnosis session with @AltSeamus earlier today. @Ldnirishcub referred him to me; apparently, he's been talking about his hypnosis sessions with me so often and so eagerly that @AltSeamus wanted to see what all the excitement was about. He had never been hypnotized before, and told me that he wasn't quite sure what to expect.

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When we started, @AltSeamus was lying down on a comfortable couch, and it was a bit hard for me to see if he was relaxing deep enough to go into a good trance. However, once he started responding to my voice, it was immediately clear that he was a good subject, and he went into a deep trance pretty easily.

@AltSeamus told me ahead of time that he was interested in workout motivation and exploring submission; two themes that I've worked on with @Ldnirishcub quite extensively! I ended up giving @AltSeamus many of the same triggers and motivations; I wonder how the two of them will compliment each other. Maybe a friendly competition to see who can gain more muscle? 😉

It was definitely hot seeing and hearing @AltSeamus repeat the suggestions I gave him while hypnotized. I find that having the subject speak a suggestion out loud makes it much more effective, as compared to simply hearing the suggestion. I made sure to use plenty of repeitition to make the suggestions stick deeper in his mind, as well.

By the end of the session, @AltSeamus was fully naked, eager to obey, comfortable jerking off in front of me, and hungry to sniff some sweaty armpits. We also talked about what might happen in the next hypnosis session; I look forward to making that happen!

Erotic hypnosis 

@HairyHypnotist @AltSeamus I can relate to almost all of this. Remember (after about 24 hours) being naked in his hotel room and jacking off and wanting to please my Master so badly. As a matter of fact, reading this thread, I must please my Master by jacking off NOW!

Hypno and scent play 

@HairyHypnotist @AltSeamus I can remember a certain other boy who wanted to be compelled to sniff his Daddy’s musky pits. I can feel the bull haze starting to filter in as I imagine the smell of raw masculinity...

Erotic hypnosis 

@HairyHypnotist @AltSeamus Repetition, most definitely helps. How many times I repeated the words my Master told me. Plus, his big, warm hand lying on my chest…the physical connection was a big plus. He teased that I might even rob a bank for him. Damn, just finished jacking off to this thread. Now, I feel I must cum again for my Master.

Erotic hypnosis 

@chirob2 @HairyHypnotist I h op e I c as n f add I a a session in person soon, but I will for sure have another session soon !

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