I did another hypnosis session with @Eireguy yesterday. He's getting *much* more into the idea of total submission and brainwashing, which is definitely a lot of fun! Before the session started, he asked me to be much more forceful and strict, and I was quite happy and eager to do so.

Most of what I did with @Eireguy was layering suggestion on top of suggestion, deepening some of the ideas that I planted in his mind in the past. Making him more submissive, more eager and desperate to please, more focused on the pleasure that comes through service. I also definitely started directing him a bit more towards making some physical changes that I believe would be good for him.


I don't think I'll post any further details beyond that; I'm sure that @Eireguy is reading this, and I don't want him to know too much about the suggestions that I put deep into his mind. There's no reason that he should be concerned; it's all good stuff. But it's better if he allows my suggestions to guide his mind without his conscious knowledge of them.

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