Just did another hypnosis session with @Ldnirishcub, and damn was it hot! Now that I've done several hypnosis sessions with him, he goes under very easily and *very* deeply with me. Definitely felt like I was able to get deeper into his mind than before, which is both exciting and useful.

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erotic hypnosis 

Last time we chatted, I made the mistake of giving @Ldnirishcub permission to stroke his cock; once he started, he came faster than I wanted him to. This time, once I had him in trance, one of the first things I did was to clarify that permission to *stroke* is not the same as permission to *cum*. That definitely helped! I had him edge himself several times during the session, and he never came until I gave him specific permission to do so.

erotic hypnosis 

I've been helping @Ldnirishcub with workout motivation; he really enjoys working out these days, and wants to get stronger and sexier for his Master. 😉 I focused a lot on that in this session, brainwashing him into working out frequently and enjoying doing so. I expect that in the future, working out will remind him that he's doing so because he's brainwashed, and that in turn will make him happy and horny.

erotic hypnosis 

I like giving triggers to my hypnosis subjects, and @Ldnirishcub is no exception. Most of the triggers I use are focused on conditioning, pleasure, deepening the trance, submission, and so on. But I've also given him a very different kind of trigger: one to bring out his Daddy persona and make him extremely dominant, aggressive, and eager to fuck.

erotic hypnosis 

It's hot to see @Ldnirishcub switch so suddenly and so completely from a quiet, passive, submissive boy to a forceful, dominant Daddy who knows what he wants and is ready to take it. And every time I switched his mindset, I could see the difference become more and more pronounced. It got to the point that he was so intensely aggressive and turned on, stroking and edging, that the only way he could communicate was by grunting.

Whether he's dominant or submissive, I can definitely confirm that @Ldnirishcub is a lot of fun and sexy as fuck. I'm very curious how this hypnosis session will impact his mindset in the next few days, and who will take advantage of that (hint hint, @AltSeamus). And I definitely look forward to meeting him in person when I visit London in about a month!

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