In case you're new to Mastodon, here's a friendly reminder: there are multiple different timelines, not just one!

* the "Home" timeline contains posts from everyone you follow, as you might expect.

* the "Local" timeline contains posts from everyone on this server; it's a great way to find other guys who are into in hypnosis!

* the "Federated" timeline also includes posts from other related servers; it's a great way to find other kinky people in general.

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If you don't like clicking through content warnings all the time, you can also customize how posts are displayed by going to the preferences section. Scroll all the way down to the "Sensitive Content" section

I typically have "Always expand posts marked with content warnings" turned on.

@HairyHypnotist god the myriad of ways ive been misusing this platform. thank you!

@LeatherBoyDavid You're very welcome! Mastodon is more complicated to use compared to mainstream social media, but it's complicated because it's powerful and customizable in ways that other social media is not. I'm just trying to help people understand Mastodon better!

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