I just finished my second hypnosis session with @SuperShow, and it went really well! As you can see from his pictures, he's a muscular, attractive man who loves the idea of being controlled and showing off his body. From the conversations I've had with him, it seems like he's normally quite shy, and can't quite imagine that others would find him attractive. Fortunately, our hypnosis sessions have been able to change his headspace quite a bit!

I knew from our first session that @SuperShow liked the idea of being turned into a "muscle bull": a strong, muscular beast to be led around, shown off, and put to work. What I didn't realize until today is that he also has a "dumb himbo" fantasy: a beautiful, muscular airhead who loves attention from other men. The two fantasies aren't actually that different from each other, so I decided to give him both!

Now, when @SuperShow works out at the gym, his mindset shifts. If he's by himself, or only around people he doesn't know, then he goes into a "muscle bull" headspace: focused on muscle growth, grunting, eager to put his body to work and test his limits. If he's around guys that he knows and feels comfortable with, then he goes into a "himbo" headspace instead: working out show off his body better, friendly and chatty, eager to put on a show, and loving any attention that he gets.

After I took him out of trance, @SuperShow was utterly amazed and couldn't stop talking about the experience. When you first come out of trance, you're still very suggestible for about 15 or 20 minutes; I decided to take advantage of that and show him more about what hypnosis can do. A bit of carefully phrased hypnotic language, and I was able to freeze his body in place without even putting him back into a full trance.

Finally, I decided to let the himbo out. I put @SuperShow back into a deep trance, and told him that when he woke up, the "himbo" side of his mind would be in control, and his normal personality would be "in the back seat", watching but not in control. When I brought him out, @SuperShow immediately started dancing around and showing off his sexy body, and even started stripping! (I never asked him to, he just did it.)

I asked @SuperShow to post some himbo pictures to Mastodon, and he eagerly complied. I wonder what else I can get him to do... 🤔

wow, it reads like a great session and its super hot to see you like that @SuperShow ;)

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