It's been awhile since I've done a hypnosis session in-person; I mostly do online sessions these days, because of the pandemic. But yesterday, I got a nice surprise: a message from an attractive French guy, who told me that he recently discovered erotic hypnosis and was eager to be hypnotized. And even better: he's visiting Amsterdam for the next few days! He just signed up for Mastodon with the username @arthur.

@arthur told me that he's been working with @jeanjulien2001, another hypnotist and a friend of mine. (He runs his own hypno-related Discord server: check it out! Apparently @jeanjulien2001 suggested that @arthur contact me while he was in Amsterdam, and I'm very glad he did! We found a time that we were both available, and I invited @arthur over to my home so that we could talk about hypnosis.

When @arthur came over earlier today, I discovered that he's friendly, intelligent, and easy to talk with. Our conversation wandered across several topics, but finally came to back to hypnosis. He told me that he felt very comfortable with me, and would love to try a hypnosis session with me. I invited him to lie down on the couch we were sitting on, and we could do a session right there!

@arthur has a highly analytical mind, so I thought it would take me several attempts to get him into a trance — but it went more smoothly than I expected, and a simple progressive relaxation induction seemed to work pretty well. I could tell that he really enjoyed the way I touched his body, but I decided that a few hypnotic suggestions to enhance his experience wouldn't hurt. 😉

Pretty soon, I had @arthur naked and submissive, focused on my voice, repeating my suggestions, and eager to go even deeper. I took him out of trance and we chatted for a bit, and it was clear that he loved the experience and didn't want it to stop. So I put him back into trance and played with him some more, and I must admit that I lost track of time myself a bit...

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, while @arthur was naked and hypnotized! Fortunately, I knew exactly who it was — I opened the door and @Matt690 walked in. I had organized things so that he would show up about two hours after @arthur did, and coordinated with both of them ahead of time to be sure they were OK with it. @Matt690 promptly took off his clothes as well and started chatting with @arthur about hypnosis, like it was the most normal thing in the world.


It turned out that @Matt690 wasn't in the mood to be hypnotized himself, but he really enjoyed what I was doing to @arthur, and pretty soon the three of us moved to the bedroom. It was my first threeway in awhile, and it was really hot! I also discovered that @arthur has a dominant streak, and it really came out while he watched @Matt690 and I going at it. 😈


Afterwards, @Matt690 and I chatted for awhile and @arthur gave us some privacy. (It's been awhile since I've seen him!) Then @Matt690 had to leave, but @arthur and I chatted on the couch awhile longer... and of course, that chatting turned into another short hypnosis session. (He's definitely hungry to be hypnotized!)

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When it was time for @arthur to leave, he told me that he still had a deep urge to serve and please me, which is exactly what I had been suggesting to him while he was in trance. Seems like I made an impact on his mind! And he texted me a few hours later to tell me that he had drifted off into a trance while doing something totally unrelated... I guess he couldn't stop thinking about what I did to him! 🤔

@HairyHypnotist @arthur Well I made it about 80% of the way through this thread before things got out of hand and there was an explosion! 😉

@HairyHypnotist @hypnoticallymindedmen
Yes! 💪🏼

And I had a fun bonus follow-up last night in bed, when I woke up and relived the session through flashes, remembering part of @HairyHypnotist suggestions and falling in a very deep trance. ❤️

@HairyHypnotist I'm very grateful for this session with you. Thanks so much! 🙏
And thanks for the write-up, it's really nice to read and recall what happened with you and with @Matt690 🙂

@arthur You’re very welcome! Hopefully we can do it again sometime 😉

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