Last week, my partner and I took a trip to Belgium, and we met a very nice guy who was very curious about trying a hypnosis session with me. I didn’t have time on that trip, but now that I’m in Antwerp for Darklands, he came over this morning so we could actually make it happen.

This guy was primarily looking for a hypnotherapy session: he had low self-esteem, and while he is a very loving & caring person towards others, he didn’t really believe that he deserved love & care, himself. It’s a sad story that I’ve heard far too often, and one that I can relate to personally as well. He wanted to find a way to change his outlook on life, and wondered if hypnosis was a way to do that.

But it wasn’t only about therapy. This guy also wanted to explore his submissive side, and the fact that we were both attracted to each other certainly didn’t hurt! We agreed that the focus of the session would be on helping him to change his mindset, but if things went in a more sexual direction as well, that was totally fine.

When he arrived at my hotel room this morning, we started by talking about his history and why he felt the way he did. We ended up lying on the bed together, fully clothed, while we talked — I think he opened up to me more than he expected to. Then, I started a hypnotic induction and he drifted off into a light trance in my arms.

I focused on reminding him of the connections he had to the people he cares about, and how they care about him as well. How they want him to be happy and healthy, and that he deserves happiness and love too. I asked him to give himself permission to care for himself, the same way that he cares about others. It clearly hit him hard: he told me that he felt like I had broken something sad within him, and he was very grateful.

While we talked, we ended up slowly removing our clothes: skin-to-skin contact helps a lot for resolving negative emotions. I didn’t initiate anything sexual, but was focused on holding him and helping him to feel safe and cared for.

After awhile, he started exploring my body in a more sexual way, and I didn’t have any problem with that! We took things slow, but had a really nice time together. I never took him any deeper than a light trance, and didn’t give him any sexual suggestions, but it was nice to play with his body and give him the pleasure and happiness that he hadn’t allowed himself to feel in a long, long time.

Afterwards, he told me that he felt really good, really happy, and that was unusual for him — normally, he feels really guilty and negative after a sexual experience. I’m glad that I could change that for him!


We’re planning to keep in touch, and we might see each other again in the future, as well — we don’t live *that* far apart, and he wants to try this again sometime. I hope we do! Erotic hypnosis is a lot of fun, but I really get a lot of joy out of helping people, as well.

@HairyHypnotist What a nice story! Great you were able to help. Must make you feel good too. :)

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