I've got some travel plans coming up! In about a week or so, I'm traveling to Luxembourg to visit @cubboy -- he and I are going to Europapark together! ( I've never been to Luxembourg or Europapark, and I think @cubboy will enjoy playing tour guide for me. And I'm sure we'll do some hypnosis together as well!

If there's anyone else nearby who wants to meet up while I'm traveling let me know!

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@HairyHypnotist I’m incredibly excited for You visiting me and us going on a trip together!😍😊🐻🙌
And of course looking forward to having fun and doing hypno!😈😍😏

@cubboy @HairyHypnotist haven’t been in probably 15 years. Should definitely change that 🥺

@a_hungry_fool @HairyHypnotist oh definitely go at some point! It’s amazing! And the hotels too!😊

@a_hungry_fool If you can arrange to go to Europapark in about a week, you could meet me and @cubboy there! Let me/us know if you can make that work 😄

@HairyHypnotist @cubboy that sounds awesome but work is super busy atm so I can’t really make it work :/

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