I'm also planning a November trip back to the United States! My partner and I are heading to Orlando, FL to spend a few days at Disney World with a kinky friend. Then going to Miami for the weekend, then we're off to the Washington DC area to spend Thanksgiving with my family. After that... I'm not sure! There are a few cities I'd love to visit (Boston, New York, Chicago) but we haven't finished planning the trip yet.

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If you live in an American city and you want me to come visit, send me a message and let me know! I'm especially interested in gay/kinky events happening in late November/early December, and guys who want to book hypnosis sessions with me. There are so many wonderful people that I've gotten to know online but never met in person; maybe this is an opportunity to do so?

@HairyHypnotist I live in Montreal Canada, yes it is in America not the USA though.
If you ever want to come visit, I live right by Montreal's Gay Village and I have a guest bedroom. It would be a pleasure hosting you and help you discover Montreal

@HairyHypnotist Mr. International Rubber (MIR) is happening in Chicago, Nov 4-6. It’s outside your window, but myself and a bunch of guys I know are going. Will definitely be a kinky time.

@Folcon Thanks for letting me know! I forgot it was happening in early November. I won’t be able to join, but have a great time!

@HairyHypnotist Are you traveling by car from Miami to Washington DC? Or are you flying?

@HairyHypnotist I'm in Philadelphia, works be cool to meet you and maybe do my first real hypnosis session.

@HairyHypnotist you should consider the Drake Jensen Bear Cruise out of Fort Lauderdale the first week of December. He's a Canadian Country Music singer!

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