I'm also planning a November trip back to the United States! My partner and I are heading to Orlando, FL to spend a few days at Disney World with a kinky friend. Then going to Miami for the weekend, then we're off to the Washington DC area to spend Thanksgiving with my family. After that... I'm not sure! There are a few cities I'd love to visit (Boston, New York, Chicago) but we haven't finished planning the trip yet.


If you live in an American city and you want me to come visit, send me a message and let me know! I'm especially interested in gay/kinky events happening in late November/early December, and guys who want to book hypnosis sessions with me. There are so many wonderful people that I've gotten to know online but never met in person; maybe this is an opportunity to do so?

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@HairyHypnotist I live in Montreal Canada, yes it is in America not the USA though.
If you ever want to come visit, I live right by Montreal's Gay Village and I have a guest bedroom. It would be a pleasure hosting you and help you discover Montreal

@HairyHypnotist Mr. International Rubber (MIR) is happening in Chicago, Nov 4-6. It’s outside your window, but myself and a bunch of guys I know are going. Will definitely be a kinky time.

@Folcon Thanks for letting me know! I forgot it was happening in early November. I won’t be able to join, but have a great time!

@HairyHypnotist Are you traveling by car from Miami to Washington DC? Or are you flying?

@HairyHypnotist I'm in Philadelphia, works be cool to meet you and maybe do my first real hypnosis session.

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