I haven't posted much lately, but I'm still alive! I had a really nice trip to Luxembourg and Europapark with @cubboy; he clearly loves being a tour guide, and we both had a great time sightseeing and riding as many rollercoasters as we could. After getting back from that trip, I had three days back in Amsterdam, and now I'm in Tel Aviv for a week.

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Tel Aviv has been quite relaxing. I'm traveling on my own, and it's nice going at my own pace and doing whatever I feel like doing -- which has mostly been wandering around the streets, enjoying the beach, and being lazy in my hotel room. I've met up with a few local guys, and I'll probably continue doing so a bit more. No in-person hypnosis sessions yet, but that might change.

However, I have been doing some more online hypnosis sessions. @CMHlthr told me that he doesn't have work this week, so we've been doing a lot of trances together, mostly focused on making him work out more regularly. I've also done a few sessions with @Benben901 and @OpenBottom as well; they both love being brainwashed more and more deeply to serve me however I want.

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