Come join me for a virtual kink chat! This Thursday at 7PM GMT, 1PM ET, 10AM PT. It’s a friendly, social videochat with kinksters — it’s not about camsex. Send me a DM if you want the Zoom link ahead of time, or I’ll post it just before we start!

@bootblackcub has been hosting this event every week for awhile now, but he can’t join this week, so I’m hosting instead. Thanks for starting this, @bootblackcub!

I’ve been doing Ring Fit Adventure every single day since I got my Switch, and only just figured out how to transfer images. I ended up making a Twitter account specifically for this purpose, using the Switch to post to Twitter, downloading from Twitter, and then posting here! A ridiculous workaround, but whatever…

I put together some logos for the site. How do they look? Constructive criticism is welcome -- I want to make them better!

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