Went for an architecture tour of Chicago on a boat with kinky friends @okiesub and Duke! (This was after Duke and I tormented and used @okiesub in our hotel room 😈)

I'm really happy with the photos from the Wings photoshoot! I changed my avatar picture to a close-up on one of them 😁

EEEHU, a 4-day all-online hypnokink unconference, is happening in ONE WEEK! Registration costs roughly $10, on a “pay what you will” basis. Check it out!


The unconference is open to people of all genders, but there are also some events that are focused on men only. For example, there is a “guys speed trance” event happening twice!

Looks like the 10th issue of Wings magazine is out in print -- with my interview & photos in it! It's not on the website yet, so sadly I can't link to it, but I definitely will once it becomes available.

I think it came out great! If you want to read the article, you can always pick up the latest copy of Wings for free at your local Mr. B kink shop.


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Come join me for a virtual kink chat! This Thursday at 7PM GMT, 1PM ET, 10AM PT. It’s a friendly, social videochat with kinksters — it’s not about camsex. Send me a DM if you want the Zoom link ahead of time, or I’ll post it just before we start!

@bootblackcub has been hosting this event every week for awhile now, but he can’t join this week, so I’m hosting instead. Thanks for starting this, @bootblackcub!

I’ve been doing Ring Fit Adventure every single day since I got my Switch, and only just figured out how to transfer images. I ended up making a Twitter account specifically for this purpose, using the Switch to post to Twitter, downloading from Twitter, and then posting here! A ridiculous workaround, but whatever…

I put together some logos for the site. How do they look? Constructive criticism is welcome -- I want to make them better!

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