The second hypno-meetup at was small, but fun! There were five of us: myself, @irmaodomario, @Ldnirishcub, @AltSeamus, and Alex (another friend who hasn’t joined Mastodon yet). It’s nice to see old and new friends!

First erotic hypno meetup at went pretty well! @irmaodomario came by and stayed for almost the whole hour, and several people dropped in and chatted for awhile, including many guys who had never heard of erotic hypnosis before!

We’re doing it again tomorrow, same time same place. Come on by!

Just arrived in Antwerp for , and I’ve already done a quick hypnosis session with @Kryszztoff, ran into @jeanjulien2001 on the street, and checked out the Mr B shop. It seems to be a magnet for kinksters! (No surprise)

And finally, Tuesday night I got to see Wicked! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that musical, and I was able to score a super cheap last-minute ticket that was literally front row center of the theater. It was a magical experience, and now I have all the songs stuck in my head. 🎵🧙‍♀️

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Met up with @Charles earlier today; he likes the idea of being hypnotized and humiliated. I had a lot of fun cutting him down to size — and by that, I literally mean cutting up his very nice suit while I taunted and teased him. When his pants were unable to stay up any longer (because they were in tatters), I spanked his ass and used some kitchen implements on him in ways they were never designed to be used.

Then @hypnocub showed me around the Soho area, which was a lot of fun. We explored some sex shops and went to some gay bars, while he told me the history of the area. He knows a lot about London! After dinner, @tombone joined us for a drink at Comptons -- and it was so nice to meet him in person and get to know him a bit! It was a wonderful spontaneous evening.

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@JockForBrains @irmaodomario Wait, are you guys able to log into Every time I try, I get this error message

Here's a quick : the profile directory is a handy way to find other people on Mastodon! You may want to set the filter to "From only" to find other people interested in hypnosis.

Note that the profile directory is an opt-in feature: by default, you won't show up! (Mastodon cares about privacy.) If you want to appear in the directory, go to the Preferences section, click on "Profile", and check the "Suggest account to others" box.

If you don't like clicking through content warnings all the time, you can also customize how posts are displayed by going to the preferences section. Scroll all the way down to the "Sensitive Content" section

I typically have "Always expand posts marked with content warnings" turned on.

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In case you're new to Mastodon, here's a friendly reminder: there are multiple different timelines, not just one!

* the "Home" timeline contains posts from everyone you follow, as you might expect.

* the "Local" timeline contains posts from everyone on this server; it's a great way to find other guys who are into in hypnosis!

* the "Federated" timeline also includes posts from other related servers; it's a great way to find other kinky people in general.

Went for an architecture tour of Chicago on a boat with kinky friends @okiesub and Duke! (This was after Duke and I tormented and used @okiesub in our hotel room 😈)

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