@bootblackcub You’ll find another opportunity. Job hunting is always really frustrating, unfortunately. 🙁

@hypnocub Emotions are complicated, and words don’t always capture them very well. One of the things I like about Dom/sub play is that while communication is constant, words can be surprisingly infrequent. Seeing your facial expressions, the way that you interact with me, and so on tells me quite a lot about your mental state.

Words can be very important, but communication goes far beyond words.

Thinking back on camp, the scene I'm most proud of was just 25 minutes of quiet talking. A little hypno session with a friend who was having a lot of anxiety around the run--he wanted to play but couldn't get out of his head enough to actually start a scene. We just focused on relaxing and letting go of some of that fear, feeling safe and trusting that his brothers would support him, and being able to say yes (or no) to whatever scenes came his way, when he felt ready.

Abuse mention (-) 

@hypnocub I’m sorry that happened to you. Abusers are far too prevalent in all power-dynamic communities, and hypnosis is no exception. I hope to prevent that from happening on this site!

Gym posting. 

@bootblackcub Good slave. I like that you’re keeping yourself accountable by posting this here.

Queen joke 

@solarbear apparently taking down those last three health bars didn’t take long. bbc.com/news/uk-61585886

However, I have been doing some more online hypnosis sessions. @CMHlthr told me that he doesn't have work this week, so we've been doing a lot of trances together, mostly focused on making him work out more regularly. I've also done a few sessions with @Benben901 and @OpenBottom as well; they both love being brainwashed more and more deeply to serve me however I want.

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Tel Aviv has been quite relaxing. I'm traveling on my own, and it's nice going at my own pace and doing whatever I feel like doing -- which has mostly been wandering around the streets, enjoying the beach, and being lazy in my hotel room. I've met up with a few local guys, and I'll probably continue doing so a bit more. No in-person hypnosis sessions yet, but that might change.

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I haven't posted much lately, but I'm still alive! I had a really nice trip to Luxembourg and Europapark with @cubboy; he clearly loves being a tour guide, and we both had a great time sightseeing and riding as many rollercoasters as we could. After getting back from that trip, I had three days back in Amsterdam, and now I'm in Tel Aviv for a week.

I'm doing some research for some ideas for scene programming in something like MMM. I'm curious if folks feel like they find it easier to fall back into a trance, or even a deeper trance, shortly after they orgasm? I'd also love to hear folks experiences with sound and light (spirals, flashes, binaural beats, etc) as part of deepening and reinforcement phases of their hypnotic experiences. I'm all for more details, and happy to have a voice chat if that's easier, just hit me up!

@LeatherBoyDavid Wow! Congrats, and let me know if there’s any way I can help with the move!

Had another amazing session with @HairyHypnotist yesterday. I don't remember much of what happened - just a few phrases - but that's a part of what makes it so exciting. I'm just following wherever he might be leading me

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