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I had a shower and suddenly I thought to my master @HairyHypnotist and I felt compelled to take a picture of my body, a body that I work out every day now.

Last week, I invited @Matt690 over to my place, hypnotized him, and had him wash my dirty dishes. Earlier today, he came over again; I hypnotized him again, and he folded my laundry and cleaned the kitchen. As he was leaving, he asked when he could come back and serve me some more.

I think I have a chore slave now. Can’t say I’m unhappy about it!

I had another awesome hypnosis session with Master @HairyHypnotist where we further concentrated on making me more submissive to Him and loving to workout! (I mean I’m guessing because as always I can’t remember anything from the session haha)
I had a great idea of putting a big plug up my ass before being hypnotised and Master seemed to like that hehe! Thank You for that great session Master! Proud boy here😊

We are covering hypnosis again. This time we are going deeper and deeper into the subject with pro hypnodom @HairyHypnotist
So lay back, relax and listen only to the sound of our voices....
#hypno #hypnofetish #gayhypno #hypnokink

Have been into this so-called findom fetish for two decades. After countless kinds of experiences, for the first time, I am involved in a "two against one" scenario where King @HairyHypnotist and God @FuzzyRed have generously agreed to gang-up on me. Just getting started, this will be a journey of defining, building, and cementing a control & force construct. I have never been that far and it's certainly an exploration of the dark unknown corners of the mind.

CashMaster, I have sent tribute, as ordered.
Thank You, CashMaster
Thank You for taking my money.

And lastly: @subzero, the first time you see this message, you will send Me a tribute of $50. After you have done so, you will publicly respond to this message to tell Me (and anyone else reading this) that you have done so. You will also thank Me for taking your money.

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I'm posting about this because @subzero specifically asked me to. He likes the idea of being "exposed" -- of other guys knowing that he is a cash slave. I think he also likes the idea of being impotent except for when he is submitting to me; it's a form of self-imposed chastity. If anyone else has thoughts or questions for me or @subzero about this, please ask! I'm sure that he would like the attention.

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Recently, @subzero told me about an interesting new development in our Dom/sub dynamic: impotency. It seems that he has been so focused on serving me and submitting to me, for such a long time, that other sources of erotic pleasure have started to fade for him. Looking at porn doesn't excite him anymore; almost the only thing that does is serving me physically and financially. To be clear, I didn't hypnotize him to experience this; it seems to be a natural evolution of my control over him.

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In addition to doing hypnosis, I also do financial domination. I have several finsubs, but definitely the most engaged and eager one is @subzero. He and I have combined findom with hypnosis, brainwashing, and other power dynamics for many years now. He is very happy to be my cash slave, and I've even put some of my other finsubs in touch with him, so they can learn from him.

This is so important. Just because you enjoy being submissive, does NOT mean that you are worth less than other people. Your happiness is not based on the opinions of others.

It takes a strong man to submit proudly to another. Be yourself, whatever weird, wild self you might be. As long as you’re not hurting anybody without their consent!

kink and 'emotional leakage' 

So i get a lot of happiness from my kinks, like being a service sub, but i do from time to time have to stop myself feeling like my worth as a sub and a person isn't derived from the acts i do or the skills i have.
its very easy for me to fall into that trap; to feel like i have to 'earn' positive attention.
but i am enough. I have value and worth and i dont need others as a measure of that.
it just sucks that 'emotional leakage' from kink play into life is a thing

@mowglithefrog is also a ! Ask him about inductions themed around snakes and mythology — he’s great at those

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I really enjoyed the ! I'll definitely be joining every week now ! Thank You Master @HairyHypnotist for telling me that You wanted me to show off :)

@HairyHypnotist thank you! I have sessions with my slave once a week so if one of you have a special request what they like to see you can tell me and I think about if and how it's possible if I don't have done it already ;).

@HairyHypnotist oh yes.
You know exactly how to play me like a fiddle and i am very happy to be used by you

Our episode talking to skilled hypnotist and Dom Sir David is available for our patreons a week early!
#hypno #hypnokink

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