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A few days ago, I got an interesting message from a guy on GROWLr. He saw in my profile that I'm a hypnotist, and was intrigued. Then he followed the link to my Mastodon, read through some of the posts, and got excited. He asked me if he could book a hypnosis session with me that evening: he was visiting Boston as well, and was flying back home the following day. Fortunately, the timing worked out, so I went over to his hotel that night.

Hypnotized a buddy over Zoom tonight--tried a Flowers induction for the second time and I really like it! It feels faster than my go-to breathing + part-by-part muscle relaxing visualization, and with both subjects they were able to get surprisingly deep very quick.

Then we made him a Very Stupid Jock and he blew a big load jerking off to me flexing. Good times. He gets a sweaty jockstrap as a reward. 😅

A quick video call with @HairyHypnotist earlier. Felt so good to be put into trance and let him control my brain. It's been a while and I really needed it.

huh, so bans content which even *refers* to "urine", "hypnosis", "hardcore bondage", and "sadomasochistic abuse"

Boston, I am in you.

(Yes, I’m going to make this joke every time, deal with it)

Has anyone seen this film?

"Going Under" by Jet Set studio. It's a hypno themed gay porno.

Currently leaving NYC and taking the train to Boston. I’ll be in Boston for a week — if you want to do a hypnosis session with me while I’m here, let me know!

@HairyHypnotist Thanks for an amazing time, as always! Even if I don't remember all of it. :)

I’m curious how many of the suggestions I gave @nycsubguy will persist into our future videochat conversations after I leave NYC — and whether he will even be aware that they are affecting him!

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erotic hypnosis 

I played with his body and mind in several different ways over the course of the session — he was totally focused on my pleasure, and really enjoyed sucking my cock and worshipping my chest and armpits. @nycsubguy came out of the session with very little memory of what happened, but deeply happy and satisfied with the whole experience.

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@nycsubguy has a lot of experience with hypnosis, so it was pretty easy to take him into a trance; as soon as I started the induction process, he relaxed into my voice easily and obediently. It didn’t take long before he was so deeply hypnotized that he was repeating my words automatically and mindlessly. Of course, I ordered him to take off his clothes, and his erection showed that he was clearly enjoying himself.

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@nycsubguy and I have known each other for a few years now, and we videochat regularly — I really appreciate his thoughtful insights about life, ethics, and kink. But sometimes, he just wants to turn off his brain and be mindless for awhile. So he booked a hypnosis session with me while I was in NYC, and yesterday afternoon I helped him to go deep into trance and submission.

Anyone want to hypnotise me and turn my mind off replacing it with only thoughts on working out and getting to my body goals.

Seriously. Just straight up shift me into being a Dumb Hypno Jock/Himbo whose two functions are Working out and Sexual Gratification, hell both at the same time if we can.

@HairyHypnotist it was very fast. At first I really felt like “oh this isn’t going to work” because I knew what you were doing and I thought “I’m just playing along. “ After about a minute tho, I felt floaty and docile but I thought “let’s go with this” and after that stuff started to get fuzzy.

I won't reveal exactly what I did to @Matchstickmen75, but he told me afterwards that the experience was even better than he hoped. I love giving guys the opportunity to experience their fantasies and submit completely to my control -- and of course, having a willing slave who wants to be used gives me plenty of opportunities for pleasure, as well. 😈

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Using a few conversational hypnosis techniques, it only took a few seconds to put @Matchstickmen75 into a light trance. Moving my hand to the back of his neck, I told him to sleep, and his eyes closed for an instant, before opening to look into my eyes again. A few more "sleep" instructions, and he couldn't keep his eyes open, and had to lean forward against my shoulder -- which gave me perfect access to continue whispering instructions into his ear.

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Of course, I was happy to do so! @Matchstickmen75 told me about his fantasies around submission through hypnosis, and I decided to try something a bit different this time. Rather than starting with a formal induction, I got up close to him while he was standing, put my hand on his shoulder, and told him to look into my eyes and listen to my voice.

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I met @Matchstickmen75 at Bear Week in Provincetown MA a few years ago, and introduced him to erotic hypnosis. We haven't seen each other since then, but he got back in touch with me a few days ago, and yesterday we managed to meet up in NYC. He's a great guy, and we chatted for a long time; and of course, one of the topics was hypnosis. He also admitted that the session I did with him years ago had a powerful effect on him as a person, and he really wanted to experience it again.

He deepened my trance repeatedly and had me repeating the phrases he was using to condition me and it is all honestly a bit foggy what he wanted me to repeat. When I awoke though, I saw the most beautiful, powerful, masculine master I’d ever seen and felt 💯 free to let my inner submissive just take over. I still feel like if I looked into his eyes again I’d slip right back under and back to allowing him to “suggestively” control me again

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I had an amazing session today with Hairy Hypnotist. He is the only person that has put me under and it blows my mind how deep I can go under. After he had brought me out I found that looking into his eyes let me slip effortlessly back into trance and submission. I asked him a few times if I was hypnotising myself, but he, rightly I think, refused to answer.

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