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Erotic hypnosis 

@HairyHypnotist It's been 2 weeks and still, every morning, I have to jack off before getting out of bed, and moan out, "This is for you, Master. My Master!"

On the way to the airport to fly back home to Amsterdam. I’ve had a great time in the US, saw a lot of family and friends that I haven’t seen in person in awhile (or ever!) — but I must admit, I’m eager to go back home. I miss my fiancé, and I can’t wait to be together with him again soon!

I've been working on this for three months and it's finally done. 78 pages on the history of leather, sluts, and families at US Prides, from 1965 to 1995. Includes background on Pride as a polyvocal celebration and leather as a queer subculture; multifarious sexual and gender expression at Pride; the Lesbian Sex Wars; reaction from the right; and the interplay of radical and normalizing forces within LGBTQ activism.

24 hrs later, I have a bit more clarity and I can understand more of what happened. A lot of what @HairyHypnotist was able to do was unlock something in ME. He didn’t suggest that my voice drop or that my mind slow and I take on a “brah” but damn, it’s real and there and he unlocked it. Just now I started repeating my mantra and I felt the fog starting. I can’t wait to meditate on this later tonight and really let “Al” come back out again. Daddy gave his boy some amazing freedom and I’m excited!

Daddy kept taking me out and back into trance repeatedly and “Al” kept coming right back to the front. The whole time I knew I was in control but being “Al” was so pleasant and what I really wanted. Daddy took me way down and has his muscle bull, jock boy jerk himself off. Al was full on, flexing on the bed while his Daddy encouraged me to stroke and feel like the fantasy is real. When I came, I literally came for ages. I haven’t come like that in a long time...

But as we talked, and I stared into Daddy’s eyes, I started to slip and felt completely like a good bro again. After an intimate moment obeying Daddy, he then told me to massage his feet and it felt like the most natural thing with my strong muscles to give him a great foot rub. I started to fantasize more as “Al” and seeing myself wearing a collar and a jock and having Daddy lead me around a sex club as his property, so swole, so simple, so focused, fuckin anything if Daddy says to.

He kept me flexin and I kept talking to him all brah and deep voiced, dum, slow, confident, focused. Al is a complete aggressive beast that wants to get strong and be obedient to Daddy because Daddy controls my mind. Daddy wants me to be healthy and confident because his bull is strong and sexy and healthy. After laying down and more deepening, I began to feel “Al” and my conscious mind merging where I could see what Al was while I was talking to @HairyHypnotist about what was happening...

So I never finished with what happened last night... Daddy woke something in me and I find it hard to remember all of it, but I remember feeling all swole and foggy in my head. Daddy commanded me to flex so he could see what he’d created and I felt so free showing him my bull body. Daddy started feeling his bull’s muscles, encouraging me to get bigger and reminding me that I am strong and sexy and dum and that working out feels so fuckin good.

Can confirm. The session I recorded was at my request, with prior discussion with @HairyHypnotist Was very much from my side and at my suggestion. 😻 Consent is sexy.

I also know that it's easy to get the wrong idea about someone based on a mistaken assumption. If I constantly posted pictures and video, someone who didn't know me could easily assume that I was one of those unethical abuser hypnotists — even if every single picture/video was posted with consent! I care a lot about being ethical, and being *seen* as ethical, and so I feel safer posting primarily text descriptions.

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Some people can and do knowingly consent to being recorded while hypnotized, and to having that video distributed online. I know that @Matt690 has expressed interest in that, for example. However, that is very much the exception rather than the rule.

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This is why I *never* record hypnosis sessions unless the subject specifically asks me to do so. I generally won't even bring up the idea: if I do, there's a chance that the subject will feel like I'm pressuring him into being recorded, even if that's not my intention. If a subject wants to be recorded, and asks me about that, then I'm generally OK with it — but similarly, I assume that *he* wants to be in control of how that video is shared with others.

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I know that there are abusers in some of the communities I am a part of, such as the erotic hypnosis community and the findom community. I know that plenty of people will automatically assume that I am an unethical person, simply because I am a part of these communities. I have to work extra hard to show that I *am* ethical.

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This is not a hypothetical situation: I know people who have been victims of this kind of unethical covert recoding of hypnosis sessions. It's a huge breach of trust, and makes it very, very hard for these people to ever feel comfortable exploring hypnosis again. And the internet never forgets: once one of these videos is out there on the internet, people save it and share it, so that it's impossible to remove it completely.

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Unfortunately, all communities focused around power exchange (including BDSM, erotic hypnosis, findom, etc) tend to attract bad actors and abusers. In the hypnosis community, this often takes the form of covert recording: the hypnotist records the subject in trance without his knowledge or consent. Sometimes they even sell these recordings as porn! It's especially easy for this to happen when the hypnosis session occurs over videochat — there's no way for the subject to know he's being recorded.

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Some people might wonder why I only post text descriptions of the hypnosis sessions I do, and almost never include pictures or video. It's a fair question: most other content on the web is very visual, especially erotic content, so why not mine?

Now that I’ve slept I still feel fuzzy and like there’s a new part of me that Daddy let out. I keep feeling like when I want it, the dumb jock bull is out there waiting for me. If I close my eyes and repeat my mantras “strong and sexy” and “sleep deeply” I hyper focus, but slow down. Everything else seems to fade into a blur and nothing matters except being this jock bull who is obedient to his Daddy. I’m going to try letting myself slip under in a bit and respond as this new side of myself.

After getting me deeper I called, @HairyHypnotist “Daddy” so he shifted my thinking of him as “Master” to thinking of him as “Daddy”. I felt a surge of arousal and docility at that and he deepened me further. I repeated my new forever mantra “Daddy controls my mind...” Even now, as I type that mantra I can feel my head get a little fuzzy and that docility creeping up into my thoughts...

@HairyHypnotist did it to me again. Daddy had me slip under and this time I tried to fight it repeatedly to see what would happen or what it would change of the experience. However, Daddy always knows just what buttons to push to get his boy to slip under deep. I quickly became completely foggy and no matter how hard I tried, when he counted down, I was out. I felt like I was lightly in trance at first, but with deft hand movements on my now prone body, he quickly deepened my trance ...

Jersey City, I am in you.

Apparently I’m having a threeway with NYC’s younger brother, or something? Or is this sloppy seconds? I dunno, I’ve lost track of this joke

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