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I focused on reminding him of the connections he had to the people he cares about, and how they care about him as well. How they want him to be happy and healthy, and that he deserves happiness and love too. I asked him to give himself permission to care for himself, the same way that he cares about others. It clearly hit him hard: he told me that he felt like I had broken something sad within him, and he was very grateful.

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When he arrived at my hotel room this morning, we started by talking about his history and why he felt the way he did. We ended up lying on the bed together, fully clothed, while we talked — I think he opened up to me more than he expected to. Then, I started a hypnotic induction and he drifted off into a light trance in my arms.

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But it wasn’t only about therapy. This guy also wanted to explore his submissive side, and the fact that we were both attracted to each other certainly didn’t hurt! We agreed that the focus of the session would be on helping him to change his mindset, but if things went in a more sexual direction as well, that was totally fine.

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This guy was primarily looking for a hypnotherapy session: he had low self-esteem, and while he is a very loving & caring person towards others, he didn’t really believe that he deserved love & care, himself. It’s a sad story that I’ve heard far too often, and one that I can relate to personally as well. He wanted to find a way to change his outlook on life, and wondered if hypnosis was a way to do that.

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Last week, my partner and I took a trip to Belgium, and we met a very nice guy who was very curious about trying a hypnosis session with me. I didn’t have time on that trip, but now that I’m in Antwerp for Darklands, he came over this morning so we could actually make it happen.

Today's Hypno fetish is..... 

Knowing your being hypnotically manipulated and controlled but not able to care.

Good morning Antwerp! It was great to meet @HairyHypnotist last night at Darklands, and looking forward to more adventures this weekend. Plus it’s a cute t-shirt day

There are a lot of bears in Antwerp right now.

I’m not complaining.

First erotic hypno meetup at went pretty well! @irmaodomario came by and stayed for almost the whole hour, and several people dropped in and chatted for awhile, including many guys who had never heard of erotic hypnosis before!

We’re doing it again tomorrow, same time same place. Come on by!

Reminder: attend the social meetup for erotic hypnosis at ! Tonight and tomorrow night, 8pm, Ariel’s Grotto bar inside the main venue. Map is here:

Just arrived in Antwerp for , and I’ve already done a quick hypnosis session with @Kryszztoff, ran into @jeanjulien2001 on the street, and checked out the Mr B shop. It seems to be a magnet for kinksters! (No surprise)

It’s always so hot when one of the guys I’ve been hypnotizing admits that he really likes calling me “Master” both in and out of trance, and starts doing so without me prompting him to do so. I love seeing the mental changes that result from repeated hypnosis sessions!

Can’t come on either day? Let me know! I’m happy to organize more of these events, I just need to know what time works for the people who are interested.

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I’m announcing two informal hypno meetups at Darklands: Thurs 5 May and Fri 6 May, from 8pm to 9pm at Ariel’s Grotto bar at Darklands. I will be there, and hopefully other hypnotists and subjects too! These will be social events; we won’t be doing any hypnosis, although you CAN organize hypno sessions on your own with other guys you meet! Newbies are very welcome, even if you have no experience with hypno.

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Darklands is coming up soon, and I want to organize some hypnosis meetups so I can get to know some other kinksters who are into erotic hypno! So I’m going to arbitrarily pick a date, time, and location that works for me, and hopefully it will work for some of you, as well.

I mainly use this account to post about the hypnosis sessions I've done; I don't actually post publicly about my private life very often. However, now and then you might see selfies and posts about being gay and kinky. I much prefer to chat with people over videochat or in person, so if you want to get to know me better, send me a message and let's find a time to talk face-to-face!

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Hi, I'm David, the Hairy Hypnotist. I'm a professional hypnotist based in Amsterdam, and I do both hypnotherapy and gay erotic hypnosis. I have more than 10 years experience doing hypnosis, both in-person and over videochat. As a professional, I do charge for doing hypnosis sessions, but I don't charge for chatting and answering questions about hypnosis! I'm very friendly and easy to talk to, so if you're curious, feel free to send me a message!

With a lot of new people joining Mastodon recently, and older members returning after being away for awhile. I've seen several other people doing introduction posts, even if they've been here for awhile. So I figure I should probably do one, as well!

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