Hello all! I'm thinking of getting trained as a certified hypnotist from a school called National Guild of Hypnotist here in the US. Just wanted to hear from others who have been trained or are thinking about it.

Hey guys! Does anyone out there either as a Tist or subject have any experience with Zebu cards? Just looking for feedback or any experiences. Thanks!

Vortex Hello after reading some of your post I wanted to see if you would like to chat online sometime.

If anyone on here needs a GREAT hypnotist Hairy Hypnotist is very professional and easy to talk to!

Is it weird that I'm looking at an image of Krampus and thinking he would be a hot muscle furry and with a huge knot?!

Slow day in the hypno chat rooms on discord. Been like that lately. I wonder why?

Slow Sunday here in Ohio, US. Looking for chat buddies


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