Just curious, any tobacco pipe smokers in this group?

Just waiting on my flight back to Ohio. Do you have any free time just to talk and tell you about the convention?

Learned so much today at the hypno convention! Learned how to do rapid inductions. Just need someone to practice on! 😜

Attending my first hypnosis convention in Las Vegas! It's amazing and learning a lot!

@HairyHypnotist Hello, I need to reschedule our Zoom meeting. I have my interview at 1pm my time with three of the guys from the Masonic Lodge I want to join at my place. I hope your will let me reschedule

I know most of you are across the pond as they say, but anyone in the US? Looking forward to making friends in the Las Vegas area as I will be there the end of July.

I just diagnosed myself with rutiluphilia, sadly there is no cure.😋

Just booked my flight so it's official! I will be in Las Vegas July 28-31 for the HypnoThoughts Convention!

@HairyHypnotist Morning! Well at least for me. When this week did you want to chat? So far any day is good.

@Vortex Next time you get that feeling after a mp3 get ahold of me!

Just wanted to share some good news with everyone! I just passed my exam, and I'm now a Certified Consulting Hypnotist!

Start my first day of class today to become a Certified Hypnotist in the US!

Hello all! I'm thinking of getting trained as a certified hypnotist from a school called National Guild of Hypnotist here in the US. Just wanted to hear from others who have been trained or are thinking about it.

Hey guys! Does anyone out there either as a Tist or subject have any experience with Zebu cards? Just looking for feedback or any experiences. Thanks!

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