Remember how you asked for an edit button and to be able to choose the crop in images for over a decade?

Yeah, fuck you, losers.



You asked (a lot), so we made it. Now rolling out in Labs: NFT Profile Pictures on iOS


If you want to "own" one of my images you can just wire me the money and I'll write you an ownership deed in a napkin. No need to run it by some 16yo kid's computer in Azerbaijan.


Wordle 216 3/6


There is a special place in Hell for people who submit 4-page CVs (resumes)

I think my team would be a Hypnos and a gang of muscle pokemon.

But all the muscle pokemon and I are actually under the control of the Hypnos.


✨giveaway time✨

I want to get back into team drawing in 2022. So let’s start with a little giveaway

For your chance to win a custom team drawing simply:

‼️ follow
‼️ qt this post.

❗️winner will be chosen at random
❗️winner will be announced 30.01.22

✨Good luck✨


Serving strong Daddy Spidey vibes




Based on observation, I think we can all agree the reason I'm not a muscled hunk yet is because I don't own one of those rainbow tanktops.

It's science, guys.

Abuse & Death 

A few years ago (as an adult), someone I had known since I was a kid groped me in an elevator.

Since then, every time I've taken that elevator I've been afraid to walk into him again.

He died of Covid two days ago, apparently, he was not vaccinated.

He's the only person I've ever wished was dead. I'm honestly relieved he's gone.

I've started the year having gained back all the weight I lost in 2021 and having missed the gym for several months.

Time to get back on track, hit the weights and look at what I eat.

Thanks to all the guys I work with for being my motivation.

Happy New Year!

Thanks for taking me over 5K followers just in time for 2022.

Comment with what you would like to see more of in the next year!


What a year!

Here are my top 9 morphs of 2021.



Originals in the thread below ⬇️⬇️


8 followers to go!

Maybe send your friend your favourite morph so I finish the year at 5k?


36 followers away from 5,000

If this were a sexy mind control or transformation story, what would happen to me at 5K?

Will I get there before we hit 2022?


I deleted all the RTs in Mastodon to keep it a bit tidier. You can see the originals on the Twitter thread:

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