We all agree hypno-collars that get the person to become blank when activated are a mood. Right?

Text from an old friend 

Hey, I saw an old pic of us and wanted to reach out
I hope you're doing good, boy it's been a while
When did we last hang out, at that dumb bar? Boy that was fun
We need to hang out again, boy I miss you
It was always a good boy time
Doing dumb himbos
Things, damn autocorrect, I'm such a dumb obedient boy, just like you
A good boy, a good dumb boy
Flexing and gooning
Don't worry, I know you can't reply, dumb guys can't type
I'm on my way though, wait by the door, good boy

New fursona idea:

(P.S.: Apparently this photo is enhanced digitally, but it's based on the real-life fact that in Finland they paint the antlers of reindeer with reflective paint to prevent accidents.)

Well, sometimes reporting anti-gay hate speech works. Go on and report the shit out of those accounts, my friends!

Earlier today, I tried something new: I did a group erotic hypnosis session over videochat with both @hypnofeet and @newsub simultaneously. This was the first time I've hypnotized more than one person at the same time! It went really, really well, and I could tell that both of them enjoyed it immensely.

There seems to be little to no regard for potentially underage accounts in Hypnosisforguys, so I decided to delete my profile from the platform.

Feel free to reconnect here if we met there.

No moths were harmed during this muscle growth experiment. @Aubearon_93 is just hugging them with his pecs, alright?

Here's your bimonthly reminder of how hot that one scene in The Incredibles was.

I always found the guns too distracting, so I removed them for this video.

— I thought you said you were sending me a Sex *Tape*?

*Looks at the hairy muscular grunt dragging his knuckles. His obscenely large bulge barely contained by his jock*


Keeping your pup well-fed and locked is the best for optimal growth, as @MusclepupTyr demonstrates in this photo.

Honestly, what is @KristoferWeston feeding @MusclepupTyr and @MusclePupBadge?
I swear, they were not this big yesterday! Now none of their clothes fit!
Well, I guess it's just collars and jockstraps for the walkies...

The muscle-enhancing oil I applied on @bullinprogress had exactly the effect I was expecting. He's now shiny and bulging!

Way to dominate the gym @growmaxatlas, I wouldn't mind spotting. Not at all...

You guys know I have a weak spot for double biceps.

I'll be streaming while I work on some morphs today around 7 pm BST / 11 am PST on my Discord discord.gg/t6WtWqev

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