Cesar Torres is the author of the "How to Kill a Superhero" book series. I'd say he makes quite the sexy supervillain himself! I was lucky to collaborate with him to make this morph of his Riddler cosplay! You can find him on TikTok as @cesartorres_led

I can't resist a little "Bane-ing up", especially if it means beefing up someone like @DartsDomain. He gives even better hugs now.

When you play D&D with @DartsDomain things get serious pretty quickly. He plays a Barbarian Orc, and you fail all your saving throws against his commanding presence.

When @GiantBritishPup asked @bootblackcub to make him a Trophy Boy, he wasn't expecting the result to be so... literal! Looks like boot shining techniques work well on gold too.


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