horny thoughts 

It’s really simple I offer my willpower and ass (substitute also for brainwashing and mind control) and in return you give me irresistible trance and pleasure

Finally have a place to move into on the 22nd I can taste the privacy 🤤

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Rubbery time last night 

Had a really fun night chilling and socialising (honestly, no naughty business even in this)

I just want a new flat and a session is that too much to ask

scent and musk mention 

Scent and musk should not have the hold it does over me and yet here I am at late am feeling horny and thinking about musky men

video of me jiggling my butt 

I think I’m getting the hang of this 😋

bingo card meme on common events in the H4G discord 

Bringing this bad boy back because I have finally gotten bingo once more

jocks, crotch and ass photos 

Another try at last nights outfit hopefully this time it’s correctly marked nsfw 😅

I honestly cannot wait to get a new flat so I can start getting tranced again without having to fear my Bf entering halfway through

I can see now why everyone posts about @HairyHypnotist getting them naked and horny. Even with just a little conversation I was dropping and naked and stroking and feeling very very good 🤤

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Late night newd/thirst 

Felt submissive and breedable, won't delete later

jock straps and partial nudity 

Really need a hero to come help me out 🥺

musk and hypno 

Who doesn’t love a sweaty jock or crotch to breathe in wholly while jacking off completely tranced out of your mind 🤤

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Dungeon mood board, but make it "White lady obsessed with signs". "Fist, Fight, Fuck" in cursive paint. A collection of seashells to hold nipple clamps. Decorative soap dispensers filled with pastel lubes. #HarmhouseModern

Why have I just realised you can swap from local to world posts here 😭

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