My biggest fantasy right now is for a Dominant man to use hypnosis to erase my preconceived ideas of masculinity and reprogram me to be a mix of masc and fem. I like being a guy, I don't want to be a woman, but I want to embrace my fem side and then take it to the extreme of becoming a slutty, ditzy boy toy, drawn to wearing lots of pink, crop tops, booty shorts, panties, lingerie. I want to unleash a side of me I've never been able to explore before.

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@HairyHypnotist Thanks. Not having much luck finding guys who think so. It seems like most of the stuff out there like this is just made by women and a small handful of guys who want to turn boys fully into women. So this is a rare thing it seems.

@Mindlessboy Feel free to message or chat with me anytime. Great profile!

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