Someone zonk me out for the rest of the day please and thanks

These are gonna be fun
(also what's the best belt for that tail if you're wearing bugger all?

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It would have been a crime to not give the last push into Strongmanship.

If gives you an order you just follow it!

Thanks for helping with the clippers on this one.

US based peeps
I'm not 100% sure how real this is but from looking it seems legit
Medication in the US at cost price plus 15% and that's it, no price gouging
Including HIV, Cancer, Diabetes
I'd definitely say have a look

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Sat up in bed this morning, biting my lip, feeling mysteriously bisexual.

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So I got tied up yesterday (yes that kind) and honestly, the best part about it was being objectified
Just being strung up and on display
It was... Weirdly really nice to just be looked at like a piece of meat like that

OK so maybe reading about protocols and stuff is definitely making me wanna just spend a few hours in mutt space at least

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Photos of the men in the bootblack chair from Manchester leather social
#bootblack #bootblacking #leathermen

Bootblack’s Eye View | Manchester Leather Social April 22

Penis and nullification 

Nah, you don't need a cock
It's much easier to just make you a null sex toy, we can attach dildo to you if I wanna bottom
But you don't need to focus on cumming, or your own pleasure
You're my sex toy now, my fuck toy
My property, and my property doesn't need a cock
Does it

Had a bloody lovely time at the Manchester Leathermen social last night
Got to wear my purple shirt for the first time, hang out with some absolutely gorgeous people and have just a really nice night
Big shout out/thanks for @bootblackcub for coming up, being great company, a good himbo, and also bootblacking my boots veeeery nicely

Work shiz 

Got offered a raise, countered it
Can tell my self esteem is better cause I'm knowing my worth and actioning on it
(probably will get a lower counter but hey, this is a won)

Just tell it you want a dog for the day
Stripped at the door
There to worship your boots
Suck your cock
Be a dumb fucking dog
Used how you want
If you want to go out, knowing it will be obedient and by your side
Dress it how you want
Your own fuck toy

Events and shit are fun
And I'm really enjoying going out more, getting the work/social balance right
But fuck if it doesn't sting some now having a someone to go home with/to at the end of it all

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