Not experiencing FOMO from Folsom, just seeing all those leather clad folks and desperately wanting to be at the end of a leash on all fours as a good mutt should

Woke up submissive and breedable today
Tell mutt what to do, someone

Good feels 

Dunno why but when I get compliments or things I deflect
But soon as I do if I'm doing it in headspace or as a more "mutt" based command and get told I did good I'm OK receiving that

Point is, tell mutt to do shit

Omg, what if we was hypnotised to dress exsactly alike and slowly have our individuality slowly removed.
Like, as a fun joke. Haha.

Hypno experience 

There was a point I asked to lick someone else's shoes/boots (looked up and pawed at them) and with the lights I just saw silhouettes and the people above me were just faceless bigger people
Well they were people and I was mutt
Being at that height and not seeing faces, just legs and footwear, it was calming and the sounds around me dulled
It was just nice being in a headspace where I just needed to be and not think and just exist as a mutt

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Hypno experience 

On Friday I was at Mancsbound and saw a Tist I've done stuff with before and he helped me get into mutt headspace
Fully got into headspace, was on all fours, treated like a pet, not acknowledged like a person, not even any kneepads etc (my fault, didn't expect to play)
Just a dumb mutt
Was allowed to lick boots, and get scritches
I was wearing a chap surfsuit but honestly didn't give a fuck how exposed I was bending over to lick the boots because mutts don't think

Rubbery time last night 

Had a really fun night chilling and socialising (honestly, no naughty business even in this)

Nipple suckers 

Damn, these accidentally fell on me last night

Today's mood is boots
Had a dream I ran into someone I know in their full leathers and I just ended dropping on all fours and licking their boots like crazy
If anyone wants to make this reality just let me know

Headspace again 

Didn't wear deodorant yesterday so pits are really feeling ripe and yeah, the urge to get shoved down and told to do shit is strong
Urgh, who wants a mutt to toy with


More and more I'm just craving being dragged into headspace by the scruff of my neck
It's just an itch that I keep scratching and want to do more and more and ffs, any volunteers

Dumb shit 

Today I learnt I'm "the person who ran for Mr Rubber that's always complaining about everything" and that no one cares about the opinions of

I am well aware of these facts and am comfortable in them
I will kick up a fuss when I see shit I don't agree with
I will speak my mind and stand up for what I feel I can
I won't always be right and I won't always be liked, that's something I came to terms with a long long time ago

Good to know my name is in folks' mouths though 😜

Himbo and bulge 

Fun challenge for my fellow himbos/thembos/bimbos
Dress in some of your most sexy stuff and show off your sexy selves
And if youre saying you're not one, everyone can be a himbo/thembo/bimbo, even youbo

Horny mood 

Today's mood is being a good himbo and posing for a dom in whatever they want and posting the pics looking like a gooned out frat boi

Cuck therapy fic Part 3 

Day 17 cont
I'm really lucky to be fair, he let's me listen and watch from a little peephole we made on the wardrobe
He's so happy now I'm not constantly begging for sex, I don't need it

Day 21
Well, this is the end of our therapy
And for the first time I remembered my session, the therapist and Jake just started ripping their clothes off and I just stood there like some idiot, rubbing my crotch
It's locked now, we all agreed I don't need it anymore, this is good

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Cuck therapy fic Part 2 

Day 10
Jake brought someone over last night
He said they needed the bed cause I clearly wasn't gonna use it
It's not my fault though, I keep trying but it's like a switch has turned in my head and I can't get hard anymore

Until I saw them going at it, he forgot to shut the door and fuck, it was so sexy, I just edged and edged, I forgot to even cum

Day 17
I sleep on the floor next to Jake now, we decided its better, in case he needs to fuck some rando

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