Gimme ideas for short hypno/tf fics, I'll start on em tomorrow morning

Mutt fic 

He's such a dumb mutt
Just looking up at me while I wake up, ready to be given permission to service my feet and if he's lucky, my cock
His posture is improving, you should learn a thing or two instead of staring at his ass
I brought you along to learn to be a good mutt too, so do it
Paws into fists, arch the back, chest out, good mutt
I might have you on a foot each, the best mutt gets my cock, the loser gets the winners ass
How does that sound boi?

Armpit hypno 

You noticed the smell first, my musk bringing you closer
Then you saw my pit, so hairy, so musky, so mesmerising
Your mouth is salivating, your nose is turning up as you breathe in deeper and longer
Your brain slowing as all you can think of is musk, lick, sniff, worship, obey
That's it, closer still, damn your mouth feels so dry, you know the only thing that can help is licking up my sweat
So dig in, let it take over your brain and become my pit pig

Dumb hypno idea 

All it takes is one message
I forget my name, and each time I try grab it I forget something else, how to wear clothes, how to speak, stand, type
You just have a malleable toy, stuck drooling and stroking it's cock hooked on your every word
You tell it to want to service and take slutty pictures and be your plaything
It doesn't even make sense after a while but your tone makes it clear
It feels good to shparbona eboobro scoonar bosh boor aluuga arga
Good mutt

Mutt hypno fantasy 

At your door you snap your fingers and I drop to my knees, forget my name, forget what I am
I am a mutt
It is a mutt
It strips, plugged, caged and collared
You use it how you want, a fuck toy, dildo, fleshlight, footstool, foot massager, it's tongue paws and body yours to use for your satisfaction
Sleep on the floor, eat from a bowl, it is your dumb pet
It gets sexual release seeing you sexually satisfied
Only back at your door clothed again as you snap your fingers do I wake

Rubber/mutt pics 

Mutt rubbered up and ready to use but no one here to use it *whines*
Look how good it is with its posture and everything

Anyone got any fun hypno story and accompanying pic ideas? Enjoyed the one this morning and it seems folks here and on twitter did too


Huff 'em piggy
You know you want it, just look at all that sweat dripping off my fuzz
How nice it'll feel soaking into your nose, your pores, your brain
That's it, take a deep breath in and lean forward, smelling my musk more and more
It makes your brain fuzzy but you like that, you like not being able to think for yourself
You don't want to, you want me to make your decisions and control you, with my musk as reward for your obedience
Take another breath, and press your snout in

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So after going through all the various kink flags, @MuttBanjo and i spitballed a hypno fetish pride flag. This is what we came up with

Blue for relaxation
grey for submission
yellow for trust
and a spiral for trance.

Kinda NSFW butt 

Felt cute and wanted to show off mutt posture check in new stuffs

A silver lining of having some spare time this week
I've started work on longer form stand up material
Aiming for like a 15 minute set but yeah, maybe something longer?
Dunno, don't think there'd be a ton of interest but it's been fun to do

Happy Pride Month
Your sexuality is valid
Your gender identity is valid
Don't feel pressure to come out before you are ready
Black Trans lives matter
Pride is a protest
Pride is not a corporate opportunity
Support queer business
Support local queens
Be gay as fuck!

Houseboy assnosis Fic 

The house is pretty standard and the rent is competitive, I wouldn't see why you don't wanna take it right now
Your room? No you don't need one, you'll be sleeping at the foot of my bed
Oh come on, it means you can wake me up worshipping my ass
What's wrong boi? Don't you want to be on all fours tending to my needs and looking up at this view
Just come closer, doesn't it look good
Yeah, you want it
Don't worry, I've arranged to sell your belongings, you can move in today

Introductions eh? 

Heyo, I'm Banjo, a switchy, poly, bi kinkster, as you can tell, being decisive is not my strong suit
Tending to fall on the sub side of things with objectification, more "old guard" pup play stuff, love for scents like leather and musk
Enjoy written erotica vs video and like writing my own stuff too
Trying to do what I can in the world to help folks feel included within various scenes
Single and not after quick one offs, but it's the Internet so no huge expectations

Dad tape hypno 

Stand up straight, that's it, rest your hands on that belly, feels natural right, adjust to the weight of your dad bod, give a big ol' stretch
Come on, tuck your polo shirt into your shorts, you wanna show off that fanny pack don't you daddy
What's in there, some loose candies and a comb for your moustache, did your boy get you that? Splendid
Oh and a cock ring, what does it say? "Daddy-o" well doesn't that make you chuckle, I bet daddy gives a good "o" when you wear that dontcha

Statue TF 

This statue, it looked right out of the 70s with bell bottoms, a tacky waistcoat stood in that dumb Saturday Night Fever pose
You realised it was the eyes, they looked so detailed and as you stood closer the realer they got
Til you bumped noses you didn't even notice the eyes gained colour
As you stood transfixed, arms straightening and hip out slightly, were you, flossing?
"thanks dude, peace and love but better you than me" the newly revived statue said as he left you on your new home

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