Highlights from visiting Sir @RealClearFetish this weekend
Making dinner in a full rubber suit and it being a success
Licking his boots in Backstreet, and being told it did a good job and he actually could feel it
Kneeling in front of him and having a collar put on
After trying to sleep in the cage, having to come out and him being impressed mutt naturally went to the floor to sleep, not the bed
Huffing his pits and taking in his leather

Was a very fun weekend and much needed time to mutt out

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Our host Craig will be running a discord voice chat for patrons subscribers staying in tonight, from 7.30pm GMT
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Naked, chastity, ass, posture check 

It's important for your mutt to take part in regular posture checks
Please provide feedback

16 days since cum ban started
2 days since wet dream (didn't even know it happened)
18 days til seeing Sir

Nearly at the halfway point (not guaranteed to cum while seeing Sir though)

Cage is definitely doing its job
Went out last night and ended up asking a friend to lick their boot (they were kind enough to allow and shove their other one on mutts back while it licked)
And now all mutt has woken up thinking about is being at boots in its proper place


Waking up straining in the cage is starting to feel a bit too normal

And that's been my Christmas TLC day ❤️💚
However you're spending it, spend it well ya gorgeous lot

There is something comforting in being a locked mutt and how it makes others more comfortable to tease and treat it as more "dog" than person
Plus ya know, anything to keep it frustratingly horny

Chastity (bad Christmas joke) 

I think Santa wrapped this one a little too well


It's not a cock anymore, it's a piece of plastic
Dumb mutt can't play with a piece of plastic
The mutt can't be trusted with a cock while it's not allowed to cum so it doesn't have a cock anymore
It knows it's place at all times now because it always feels Sirs grip round its balls
No matter how much it wiggles it and pretends it can try masturbating, it's just got a useless lump of plastic down there
Mutt doesn't need to think about its own cock, only Sirs and Sirs pleasure

Thoughts on chastity 

There is something about being ordered to lock that instills a "level" of submissiveness
You can't do anything with the piece of plastic between your legs, you don't have control
Makes mutt wonder how having a keyholder would feel
There's not a cock there anymore, it's a piece of plastic
You aren't a human anymore, you're a dumb mutt that can't be trusted with a cock
Constantly in a layer of headspace because of the reminder of your submission holding your... Their property

Chastity and limp cock 

And like that, mutt is locked til it sees Sir in January
It's gonna be a long 21 days (if not longer)

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This stud wanted to try on one of the classic J4B muscle singlets.

He enjoyed it very much.

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Thicker is better.

@BulkingPupTank@twitter.com wanted to try my extra-mass shakes, he was definitely looking better after chugging a few of them.

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After our last episode we had a lot of people talking about how for them, it felt right to identify themselves as a Dog, not a puppy.
So for all you Dogs out there, we made a teeshirt!
Use code IMDOG10 for an extra 10% off!
#puppyplay #petplay


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