Orc butt 

Wayt me wak up wif tuskz stil
Grrrrrr neeed a sub tu nibl on 😈

#NationalAssDay (butt) 

It wouldn't be a 🍑 related day without me contributing something

Butt and balls 

Proper mutts need to ensure their posture is correct and they are presenting properly

Rubbery time last night 

Had a really fun night chilling and socialising (honestly, no naughty business even in this)

Nipple suckers 

Damn, these accidentally fell on me last night

Himbo and bulge 

Fun challenge for my fellow himbos/thembos/bimbos
Dress in some of your most sexy stuff and show off your sexy selves
And if youre saying you're not one, everyone can be a himbo/thembo/bimbo, even youbo

Late night newd/thirst 

Felt submissive and breedable, won't delete later

Pokèmon hypno fic 

That's it, look deep in my eyes, deeper and deeper
You're a good little Pokèmon ready to join my team aren't you, another cute rubber Pokèmon
You're slowly Flygon your words
You can only Flygon Flyyyy Flygon gon gon
Gon! Gon Flygon!

Sorry but not gonna be able to get over how much I bloody love this rubber for a looooooong time

Basics of mutt training (fic/NSFW pic) 

Normalise your mutt taking positions that reinforce its role as a pet and a thing
Sleeping on the floor next to you so you can wake up giving it scritches or it can wake you with a morning blowjob
Sleeping on the floor it has no need to be bipedal and get on the bed, reinforcing it's position on all fours and as a dumb mutt
It is there as your pet and plaything and simple actions such as this ensure it doesn't forget what it is
It is a mutt

New leathers 

New jeans and gloves for tomorrow's not social social
Stop judging the dirty mirror and focus on the dirty bastard in it

Mutt fic 

He's such a dumb mutt
Just looking up at me while I wake up, ready to be given permission to service my feet and if he's lucky, my cock
His posture is improving, you should learn a thing or two instead of staring at his ass
I brought you along to learn to be a good mutt too, so do it
Paws into fists, arch the back, chest out, good mutt
I might have you on a foot each, the best mutt gets my cock, the loser gets the winners ass
How does that sound boi?

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