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Cuck therapy fic Part 1 

Day 1
This is stupid, I've got to write a journal for couples therapy just cause my boyfriend thinks I'm too focussed on sex
Hopefully this quack will be able to convince him he's just a prude

Day 5
I keep forgetting I've got to write on this thing, to be fair I'm just trying to get my libido back, none of my porn seems to be working and Jake even suggested he go out looking for a hook up
Maybe I'll bring it up with the therapist, shame I keep spacing out in our sessions

Mutts pits are especially ripe today.... I showered last night!
Desire to huff is strong lol

Late night newd/thirst 

Felt submissive and breedable, won't delete later

Today the brain is saying "just be a subby dog ffs" and honestly, it's hard to find a good argument against this

Legit someone just calling me "it" or "mutt" in the right way or unexpectedly makes me so horny and subby quickly it's stupid

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Gonna be getting some #Monkey #TF featuring this boi very soon, I am so excited!

Pokèmon hypno fic 

That's it, look deep in my eyes, deeper and deeper
You're a good little Pokèmon ready to join my team aren't you, another cute rubber Pokèmon
You're slowly Flygon your words
You can only Flygon Flyyyy Flygon gon gon
Gon! Gon Flygon!

Sorry but not gonna be able to get over how much I bloody love this rubber for a looooooong time

You know those days you just wanna get zonked out and hypnoed, yeah, that's today

Basics of mutt training (fic/NSFW pic) 

Normalise your mutt taking positions that reinforce its role as a pet and a thing
Sleeping on the floor next to you so you can wake up giving it scritches or it can wake you with a morning blowjob
Sleeping on the floor it has no need to be bipedal and get on the bed, reinforcing it's position on all fours and as a dumb mutt
It is there as your pet and plaything and simple actions such as this ensure it doesn't forget what it is
It is a mutt

Very much in that "just shove me in headspace and leave me there" mood
Any takers, you get a dumb mutt to cuddle

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Been hacking on this off and on for a while, but listening to @MuttBanjo talk about dumb mutts and a couple friends who are into degradation/jock play got me to dust it off again. It's a little HTML/JS page that grabs spirals from a local directory, porn gifs from another, and has a whole (extremely hacky) generative grammar to construct various, uhhhh, fun phrases. A little state machine cycles through various blend modes and color overlays.

Video contains porn, problematic/erotic language.

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Text from an old friend 

Hey, I saw an old pic of us and wanted to reach out
I hope you're doing good, boy it's been a while
When did we last hang out, at that dumb bar? Boy that was fun
We need to hang out again, boy I miss you
It was always a good boy time
Doing dumb himbos
Things, damn autocorrect, I'm such a dumb obedient boy, just like you
A good boy, a good dumb boy
Flexing and gooning
Don't worry, I know you can't reply, dumb guys can't type
I'm on my way though, wait by the door, good boy

Just wipe my mind and make me.... Erm.... Sorry, what were you saying Sir?

Jockstrap based hypno fantasy 

Does anyone else leak a mix of pre and piss into their jocks after wearing for a while?
Or just me?
Kinda liking the idea of being subconsciously made to leak into jocks that are then just handed off to subby bois for furthering their hypno porgramming

New leathers 

New jeans and gloves for tomorrow's not social social
Stop judging the dirty mirror and focus on the dirty bastard in it

Horny dream 

Yeah had a horny dream last night I was just turned into a dumb himbo mutt
Not hard to do but ya know, having the other person there to reinforce it is a definite bonus element not gonna lie

Hearing everyone's stories about sessions with @HairyHypnotist is making me super jealous but in that "I'm really happy you're getting to explore yourself" way ya know
But yeah, definitely wanting to save up so I can actually have a session

Subby mutt head is very much in play today
Malleable and easy to overpower, like a dumb mutt should be

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