For today's stream, I worked on giving @gingerpup91 extra heft in all the right places 😉😉

NSFW Post-Hypno bliss 

Just need to be a good boy.... obedient, submissive and focused!

So time for another choose your own Hypno venture.
This time the setting will be your new barber shop.
It's time for a haircut and you figured you would try the new place in town.
When you get there it is decorated in the style of ...

What do you take into consideration when choosing a hypnotist for online sessions?

… and a couple of hours and a work call later, I find a buttplug in my hole that I don’t remember putting in.

Such a turn on. And it felt so comfortable and right that I just popped it back in, edged briefly, and went to run a few errands.

Woof, I was lucky to have another session with @HairyHypnotist and I’m feeling amazing. Came out of trance with another puddle of precum on my belly and a mostly hard dick, so I know I enjoyed it and I hope he did too.

I don’t know why it turns me on so much not to remember what happened. I guess I am turned on by giving that much trust to someone I am comfortable with. But I feel sort of invincible today, and plan to put that to use!

Had a short chat with @HairyHypnotist to schedule a session (yes!)—and ended up naked at some point without realizing I’d had stripped. I didn’t notice until he asked me if I was getting hard and without thinking I stood up to show him. By the time we were done talking, precum was flowing freely too.

I can’t wait to go under for him soon!

This morning I have been craving hearing @HairyHypnotist ‘s voice. Every time the craving almost gets distracting, I get up and do 20 air squats and 20 pushups—a little exercise just feels good. I have work to get done and he does too, but MAN I can’t wait to have another hour with him in my head.

To follow up on the posts about the huge dildo, I rode it again this morning. I can’t say it popped right in, but it felt easier and I knew the tricks to get it all the way in.

And when I edged afterward, I couldn’t help thinking about how it felt to get fucked by a buddy yesterday. As soon as I called up that memory, I was right on the edge and had to stop. Pretty amazing.

And then the same thing happened when I thought of chatting with @HairyHypnotist —right to the edge.

NSFW artists.
I cannot stress enough how important it is that you Set up your own site away from social media.
With more puritanical rulles being pushed it's important to establish bases away from companies who can wipe out your collection of work with a change of policy

That said, I’m feeling much more focused than I had been this week—whenever I’m working on something, that’s what I’m working on. That’s what I asked about beforehand, and it makes me happy to notice. Anything else—can’t remember. Which also makes me happy!

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Had a fantastic session with @HairyHypnotist yesterday ... but there isn’t much I can report because I don’t remember any of it. Only that I came out of trance with a big puddle of precum on my belly. 😄

So, Big thanks to @HairyHypnotist for introducing me to Mastodon, going to try this out for a few days and see how I like it.

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