So it’s been several days in a row now when the urges to become even more of a faggot are nearly distracting. It’s so easy just to refresh Scruff and Grindr and scroll through Twitter looking for ways to go deeper into that part of myself. And to think of more ways to offer myself up to Men. And edge a little bit more. And look for other places to create this profile so I can find more opportunities to go even deeper. And and and and ....


Today, I did an impromptu hypnosis session with @buffedsub focused on submission training and bondage triggers, talked with @Secretfaggot about whether he should become a permanent slave to another man, and talked with @cubboy and @hypnocub about hypnotizing them without their knowledge or awareness. Oh, and I made @humiliationboy27 beg, again.

Today was a good day.

Just had the best hypno session with Master @HairyHypnotist 😍🐻! Like always I don’t remember anything lol! We did something new at the end of our session😏 I actually kind of woke up from trance halfway while stroking my cock and I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to either😈 Master controlled the speed of my stroking🤤 Then I only remember looking at David and repeating something He said and cumming with the biggest orgasm ever! Thank You Master! Excited for the next one🐻❤️

Hands, honest and horny in the crotch. And then the opening up. . . The wholesome spirituality that flowed between two buddies in a form of birth.

#GeoffMains, 1989 Gentle Warriors
*img #StanleyStellar, in 1979 #DrummerMag No 32

@HairyHypnotist remember when I almost jumped on You when You had that look on?😏😂

I'm really happy with the photos from the Wings photoshoot! I changed my avatar picture to a close-up on one of them 😁

question for the hive mind:
My leather brother has said he wants a reference sheet for his fursona for a birthday present.

A) how much does that go for?
B) can anyone recommend a furry artist who is NSFW friendly? those good with muscle and bulls are a bonus.

Just had a really nice chat with @JockForBrains. He’s a really nice guy — and attractive too! He’s done some fun photo manipulations with pictures of other guys: muscle growth, malebots, and even the classic “spiral eyes” comic book trope. Check his Twitter for some examples:

If you want him to modify a picture of you, reach out to him and say hello!

My interview with Wings magazine is finally available online, as well! Check it out:

I'm really happy with it -- thanks Wings! I'm also really glad that they linked to @kinkyboyspod -- both interviews are really informative, but very different!

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As this profile suggests, one of the things I love doing is making good anon profiles on different sites/apps and letting others direct how they are to be used.

Aside from known quantities Scruff, Grindr, Twitter, and Recon, what are some of the best places for that?

Nearly two weeks ago I had my first hypnosis session with @HairyHypnotist. I don't remember much but I have been less anxious and more positive since. I'm looking forward to further sessions and being guided to where he wants to take me.

erotic content 

Did another hypnosis session with @aphyr yesterday. He loves that I'm brainwashing him and turning him into a dumb, horny jock. I got to watch him do a naked workout after we were done with the session, and he was so horny that he had to stroke his cock while resting in between reps! He's a lot of fun. 😈


(This is also a test to see how well I can handle the NSFW and blurring functions. Apologies if there is an error.)

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I’m surprised by how sexy it feels, but also how unsexy the next couple of days are. I regularly keep my balls and shaft shaved. I’m thinking maybe letting the hair grow back to about the cockring line, but keep it clipped to one of the shorter lengths, and keep shaving the balls.

What do you think? I’m terrible at figuring out what looks sexy.

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Here are the first few:

1. Untouched
2. “Thinned out” (clipper guard not touching skin)
3. 16mm guard
4. 10mm guard

In that spirit, I would like to ask for some opinions.

Encouraged/egged on/dared by someone, I did a shave of my pubes. I ordinarily wouldn’t, but I am in a position where I might be able to maintain it and see how I like it. But how much I like it depends a lot on what other folks think.

I took a few progress pics so you can see different lengths ....

The one request I make is that you respect the secrecy behind this. Posting a picture of my face would sort of defeat the purpose—I will say no. And please never share, copy, or show others any picture—there is explicit non-consent for that.

If I come to understand and truly trust you, I may point you toward one of my other contact points someplace else so we can interact there. Here, I’m exploring something different.

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This is a part of me that identifies as a “faggot.” Instead of repressing it, I am letting it play in a safe construct (probably where the secrecy fetish comes in) to see what it’s like.

DMs always open for anything—conversation, suggestion, requests ... basically anything. (That is affirmative consent, and feel free to ask first if you want to make sure.)

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