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Happy #Locktober !!

This Episode we're sharing what means to us, the different ways to participate & some listener testimonials and questions.

For 🫖 this epsidodnwe talk about Si's @kinkyboyspod Guest Spot & Gym Bro Excess whilst for our 🕹️ it's Forza Horizon 4, Driving In MS Flight Sim & Halo Infinite

Listen now where you get your podcasts:

I've only made the HIV vigil at once. I Stood there with a dear friend. Shoulder to shoulder with everyone remembering those we've lost. It humbled me. Everytime it comes round I stream it and I'm taken back and I'm a wreck of emotions. 🕯️ Tonight's no different

Anyone want to hypnotise me and turn my mind off replacing it with only thoughts on working out and getting to my body goals.

Seriously. Just straight up shift me into being a Dumb Hypno Jock/Himbo whose two functions are Working out and Sexual Gratification, hell both at the same time if we can.

So android (10) has an optional mode called extreme battery saver. This mode reduces your phone to bare minimum function when 20% or less battery is remaining. You can select which apps are exceptions and still allowed to function which I have done for exactly 4 apps:

1) Pokémon Go
2) Spotify
3) My Gym Access App
4) My Gym Plan App

I'm not exactly sure what that says about what I view as essential access...

Look. I'm not saying that I want to be hypnotised into being a gym Himbo. I'm just saying that there's days I wouldn't object to it.

Unexpected side effects from the gym (18+ Gym Stuff): 

Normalised (ISH) circadian Rhythm, how long this will last who knows.

Increased Cum Volume. Possible due to lower wanking frequency (on account of being too tired) but unlikely as it's more that if I'd been chastity for a week or two...

Slight shift in my taste in men and a bigger appreciation for athleisure wear.

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Welp. If the racing car sounds on the family scales (why?) and the disgustingly high number it hailed (thanks covid) wasn't enough to motivate me to go to the gym. The fact half the guys in this gym wear grey joggers and freeball definately does. Shame they're all so painfully straight.

Won't someone please just hypnotise me into being a workout drone...

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Regulatory drift is a serious threat to the UK's data reliant industries and makes viability of any org that deals with data internationally shakey. But lo, when I pointed this out, brexiteers outside the industry always said I was worrying for nothing... That companies wouldn't move away and nothing would change. Funny that...

This is going to be one of many stories like this. The bottom line is, the UK not having Data Protection/Privacy parity means we're too risky!

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So I was sketching some ideas and then it came to me:

A kilt, with cum gutter windows!

One of the things about doing the podcast I love is what comes up when looking around the background of topics: Today's Haul: Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) in their own words

LGSM shows us what pride is and should be. A coming together of communities, objecting to oppressions and injustices and supporting our marginalised and oppressed brothers and sisters from all walks of life.

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Youtube is running LGBTQ+ banners on their homepage but also appears to have taken down the entire San Francisco Leathermen's Discussion Group archive, which was chock-full of recorded educational and historical presentations. These recordings on the Leather Contingent in SF Pride were available just last week; now gone. :-(

5 hours to freedom from the contact trace quarrentine...

i dont care if its pouring with rain, as soon as that clock strikes midnight im going for a walk and its going to be GLORIOUS

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10 minutes until Xbox and Bethesda e3 showcase. We're getting ready over at to stream. Why not come along and #SupportSmallStreamers this E3

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Si's having to isolate for a few days due to Mrs Rona so he's continuing through the Smash Bros roster for a bit today to try and get better over at .

The real joy of podcasting is that you know you need to edit, and doing so means putting on the PC that warms the room when rendering, when its ridiculously warm and humid in British summer already and you already have a headache from the ambient heat >.<

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Of course we have a (Mode 7) teletext graphics trans pride flag!

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Hey Everyone, So our next episode lands during #pridemonth and as such will be about pride. If possible we want to make sure we have community content in the show so we'd like to ask you to answer a simple question for us:

What does Pride mean to you?

You can either answer in a reply, a DM or if you would like to hear your voice on the show too leave us a voice mail over at !

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