Excited and a little nervous for my first session with @HairyHypnotist today!


Thanks to @HairyHypnotist and @bootblackcub on the podcast for the inspiration! But need to improve my photography skills...

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Feeling my sweaty oats after a home workout

Excited to chat to @HairyHypnotist about finding a time to put me under soon! Been waiting a long time for it and only ever hear good things from people on here.

@Shane thanks for the follow! Just finding my way round here so always good to meet someone new!

mild nudity 

Posting this as well, just following orders of @HairyHypnotist!

partial nudity 

Was great to talk to @HairyHypnotist this morning in this wrestling singlet. He’s really helped me discover a submissive side I didn’t realise I had. His dominant personality makes it so easy to submit and I have to obey the orders he gives me on the call. Look forward to seeing him again soon and hopefully one day having a hypno session with him!


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