That strangely good feeling when you have a thought. You open your Twitter full hypno stuff and stories from your fave hypnotists and suddenly you have troubles recollecting what did you want to check. Recollecting that though feels heavy so you just let go of it to get forgotten feeling a strange satisfaction, relief, a good feeling of emptying your mind from that burden.

And after a few minutes it just pops back and feels like it was a hypno amnesia with a recall trigger.

If I had to name a feeling I dislike the most. It's feeling stuck.

It's the worst. You just know which way to go. What the solution should be. You know where you want to get. You know where you are is just bad for you. You know you are running out of time. You know that you really need to do something. But of course that's the point of being stuck.

It just destroys your confidence and hopes, sinks your mood and your spirit and drowns you in powerlessness and hopelessness.

Oh. Hello there existential crisis. It's been a while since we faced each other. Wow. You've grown a lot.

I think that some block inside me finally weakened and that internally I started to heal a little. Too early to tell. Don't wanna Jinx it. And it's too fragile. Hopefully it grows and helps me restore some bits of "former glory".

@JockForBrains @HairyHypnotist @bootblackcub

Thanks for opening this topic and Sharing some good thoughts about it.
It helped me a little as well.

Been having a difficult phase trying to snap out of that overwhelming internal resignation and hopeless that just eclipsed me. And well. Stress eating and other damaging forms ain't the solution.

Happy pride month everyone.

Another year has gone by, nothing improved over here and things only got worse. Sigh.

So please. Make sure you celebrate, enjoy life and LIVE.

But also remember that all of this started as a protest.

Remember those, who made all of this possible and also remember all, who suffered in the past. Rember what was done to them. And make sure nobody forgets.

And please, just send a hug to all of us here in the eastern Europe. We really need it during pride month.

Sometimes I wonder: "Where did the hypnothugs subjects go?"

Like.. did they entirely quit with their hypno fetish?

Or did they continue and joined some of our online hypno communities?

I think my old tist friend/Sir figured out the most efficient induction for me specifically. It really utilises some of me strength/weaknesses. And really pulls me deep.

Hint: Have you ever experienced doing a simple repetitive task like copypasting a lot of stuff while listening to music/podcast and then you go mindless but super fast and once you are done you barely remember if you really did all of it? Something like that.

Good advice.
If you had a bad day and you are emotionally in a bad place.

Don't seek ppl on social media for a comforting chat or a platform for venting it out.

Usually it makes things worse.
At least for me.

That feeling when a powerful hypno master describes hints you the idea of trance or he just describes some hypnotical scenario

And it just completely triggers your craves to be a deeply hypnotized, completely obedient hypnoboy. And you already notice that you're already getting wet with precum.

I guess my fetish for it is just quite too strong.

Question for all of you gear, uniform and other equipment lovers.

How did your beginings look like. How and where was your first experience with your gear/uniform/equipment ?

Did you get introduced by someone?
Or did you buy it yourself to try it?

And I am super puzzled with finding out what might have caused this shift.

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Usually I have trouble focusing at work and being a bit disfunctional with executing tasks. Being very compulsive with various forms of procrastination. Plus many times just disconnected from my libido.

Today I just worked like a machine.hyperfocusing and going through stuff really fast..
But none of my games interest me and I literally suffer when trying to play something being unable to execute stuff. Plus always feeling that horniness tingling my libido.

It's just completely upsidedown..

2nd video was called acceptance and consent.

Felt good to watch.
Felt good to fall back into hypno.
Felt good to reply back that I watched it.
Felt good to thank him for refering that one for me.
Felt good to feel that feeling of being blank & obedient hypno bear.

Feels good to listen and obey a tist mindlessly. To give that submissive and obedient headspace some fun time.

So I talked to the tist.

He linked me some of his hypno videos. I asked him which one to watch. Told me to start with the induction( at least that's what the video said). Felt good afterwards. My hypno craves definitely hit me. That's one of the few things I know for sure. Felt good.

Afterwards he asked me how do I feel. Told him and asked him what he's up to. He might not seem avail atm, but it just feels so good to know what's he up to and how does he feel.

He told me to watch another one.

That feeling when you discover that you have messaged a tist but you don't remember doing so. You reference a certain video but you don't know which video it was.

And the message clearly hints I was definitely in some sleepy and obedient mindset, ehehe

US has hypnocons. UK does similar stuff. Maybe EU can start something similar as a meet-up during dark lands?

Walking around the house wearing this special belt as a collar and just drifting back into yesterday's hypno session.

Feels like an awesome Sunday.

That feeling. When you finish your hypno mp3. You feel so in that headspace. Wanting and craving to get hypno dominated by powerful hypno master.

You just don't think and go message a bunch of potentially available ppl. But before they reply you feel yourself getting back to your senses.

Your shyness and insecurity resurfacing. Mind overthinking. And then you read that message after yourself..

.. and it's just feels like reading some kind of a drunk-sent text message from previous evening.

That feeling when you get this super-rare occassion to do lots of hypno. But you re just lacking in the mood for it .. for now.

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