Usually I have trouble focusing at work and being a bit disfunctional with executing tasks. Being very compulsive with various forms of procrastination. Plus many times just disconnected from my libido.

Today I just worked like a machine.hyperfocusing and going through stuff really fast..
But none of my games interest me and I literally suffer when trying to play something being unable to execute stuff. Plus always feeling that horniness tingling my libido.

It's just completely upsidedown..

And I am super puzzled with finding out what might have caused this shift.

@Vortex so what I am hearing is something caused your brain to user higher levels of dopamine than normal

@hypnocub So basically the reason I couldnt play games or do anything that I like is because I had too much dopamine and my brain couldnt handle more of it ? And that same reason helped me focus more on low dopamine reward tasks , such as work tasks ?

@Vortex @hypnocub kind of. Those of us with ADHD tend to be in a dopamine deficit all the time. But when you get a good run, hyperfocus ensues. But afterwards it can be a couple of days to recover. I've had it described as like running a marathon, it takes time to recover.

@cap2142 Sounds like me in many ways - although I dont have any official diagnosis of ADHD/ADD yet .I only know that my symptoms look quite similiar

@Vortex that's where I started too, lining up symptoms with other's experiences. That convinced me to talk to my primary care doc about next steps which led to a diagnosis. I'm still new to this as well, and the US health care stems response to everything is "here's drugs" and Adderall and I did not get along well. But I'm found much better with OTC stuff, and continue learning. Also finding a therapist is damned hard (still haven't solved this one)

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