Question for all of you gear, uniform and other equipment lovers.

How did your beginings look like. How and where was your first experience with your gear/uniform/equipment ?

Did you get introduced by someone?
Or did you buy it yourself to try it?

@Vortex My first gear was rubber. I went to a shop on a quiet day and told the person I was new to it. They helped me figure out sizes, how to get in and out of it and basic care.

I bought myself a harness a few months ago. For years I thought leather was silly, but I couldn't deny the appeal, and I finally allowed myself the permission to try it out. Strapping into the harness felt like being belted into an amusement park ride about to take off at 100 miles an hour. The excitement was palpable in my gut. I really haven't been the same.

@Vortex I played with a few gear lovers who let me dress up in some of their gear.

The first piece of gear I got for myself was a pair of neoprene assless shorts, still have them too!

@Vortex I started with buying 2nd hand superhero costumes. A friend gifted me my first pup hood. For my first foray into latex I tried on a suit from a friend and ended up buying it from him. Friends let me first try on their leather and silicone masks and I went out to buy my own

@Vortex so my first bit of gear was a leather vest I saw by chance at the army surplus market stall in my hometown.

After that my first full set was a neoprene vest and shorts

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