@hypnocub it's also about the moment when you give it a try. So many circumstances and parameters influence it. I sometimes struggle to pull the words out of my mind or to construct the sentence the way I want. And many ppl tell me I am good at naming things in a clear way when it comes to describing certain moods, feelings or personality traits.

But sometimes a person doesn't feel sharp, mind can get lazy and cloudy. Sometimes it's stress or pressure. Or a verbal blocker of your inner lexicon.

That day when hypno slave mindset runs all over my head and my need to obey and serve is strong is pulsing all over my mind.

With a nice time window.

BUT. Having my nose still blocked. And throat still funky. Not fully recovered yet. Not feeling... presentable.

Well conditioned traveler?

Flying back home. Sitting next to this rough looking guy. He sat.checked phone for minute or two.put everything in place..and bang. about 20 secs later he is sleeping. Even before airplane doors sealed or before safety speech.

Snores loud. Deeply resting.

30-45 mins later when we reach stable height he wakes up.

Pilot announced that we're gonna begin landing. Bam. asleep.again within seconds even before the manuevre starts.

Seems somebody took care of his phobia.

As one wise Master would say:
"Dublin. I am in you."

Any recommendations?

Old friendo and Bf talk me into playing mmorpg. Again.

As always I end up spendin loads of time with character creation making all sorts of chars.

Fantasy name generator helps a little bit with naming those characters.

And ofc there is a category for slave names which I ended up browsing, and got softly aroused making a big bald chubby hunk bear kind of character.

And his slave name is "Baseborn".

One of those moments when I realised how deeply inside has all that hypno reached.

@bootblackcub (reacting to you pushing yourself to do gym) been saying the same to myself in terms of using that stationary bike at home... (can't be easier than that can it, right?)

That strangely good feeling when you have a thought. You open your Twitter full hypno stuff and stories from your fave hypnotists and suddenly you have troubles recollecting what did you want to check. Recollecting that though feels heavy so you just let go of it to get forgotten feeling a strange satisfaction, relief, a good feeling of emptying your mind from that burden.

And after a few minutes it just pops back and feels like it was a hypno amnesia with a recall trigger.

If I had to name a feeling I dislike the most. It's feeling stuck.

It's the worst. You just know which way to go. What the solution should be. You know where you want to get. You know where you are is just bad for you. You know you are running out of time. You know that you really need to do something. But of course that's the point of being stuck.

It just destroys your confidence and hopes, sinks your mood and your spirit and drowns you in powerlessness and hopelessness.

Oh. Hello there existential crisis. It's been a while since we faced each other. Wow. You've grown a lot.

I think that some block inside me finally weakened and that internally I started to heal a little. Too early to tell. Don't wanna Jinx it. And it's too fragile. Hopefully it grows and helps me restore some bits of "former glory".

Did you buy these or do you also like to go to the forrest and collect some?

@JockForBrains @HairyHypnotist @bootblackcub

Thanks for opening this topic and Sharing some good thoughts about it.
It helped me a little as well.

Been having a difficult phase trying to snap out of that overwhelming internal resignation and hopeless that just eclipsed me. And well. Stress eating and other damaging forms ain't the solution.

Horrible news 


Oh my! That's horrendous and scary. I just hope they will be ok. And that those monsters who did it will get what they deserved and that everybody makes sure they won't do it ever again.

@irmaodomario I can definitely relate. My crazy a ultra-right uncle and his hyper-religious wife were teaching their small child to say "amen" as his first word instead of "mommy" or "daddy"... These days the child is also quite rebelious and a bit violent towards other children in the kindergarden.

So far I bought colouring books and some simple "where's Waldo" kind of books but with animals. But now that he's growing it will soon be time for some simple encyclopedia books.

@hypnocub ooof! The mighty Lord Shadowpriest. His hypno mp3s are legendary!

Happy pride month everyone.

Another year has gone by, nothing improved over here and things only got worse. Sigh.

So please. Make sure you celebrate, enjoy life and LIVE.

But also remember that all of this started as a protest.

Remember those, who made all of this possible and also remember all, who suffered in the past. Rember what was done to them. And make sure nobody forgets.

And please, just send a hug to all of us here in the eastern Europe. We really need it during pride month.


Damn that is soooo me. like. I have so many short-essays pilling up in my computer. And inside my soul.

@hypnocub They got completely shut down more than 10 years ago.
There was some legal action / lawsuit going on. Ever since that the vids only survive on torrent trackers and some video uploads .. Already about a third of those videos kinda got lost.

Sometimes I wonder: "Where did the hypnothugs subjects go?"

Like.. did they entirely quit with their hypno fetish?

Or did they continue and joined some of our online hypno communities?

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