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That moment when your susceptibility gets triggered:

Been listening to this podcast episode about sleep. The guest who was talking about it, is this scientist with a crazy deep and slow paced voice that just kept causing me a bit of my ASMR tingling.

Also noticed that every now and then he used some nlp/suggestive language.
And well at some point I things got comfy, fuzzyy and I just got groggy.

Tbh I didn't finish the podcast episode. I just *had to* go to bed to stretch and chill for a bit.

Scarf season is a nice thing.

Feels sooo good to keep that neck warm and fuzzy with that warm and fuzzy collar- I mean- scarf.

Sooo warm and fuzzy.

Erotic hypno 

For me the best masters are those that are dominant yet caring, trustworthy and full of empathy. It's just a so much more intensive experience when there is this deep connection between a master and a slave. It's like owning a dog. It's good to show him authority yet also that empathy and caring.

Yesterday I had a really awesome ~2.5 hr hypno session. Feels good to be naked, to wear a collar, to obey ,to belong to a master. And to be fully controlled by him.

After quite a while I finally might have some free time & privacy for some on-line hypno on Friday/Saturday evening/late evening (CEST).

Due to bad xp I have a bit of trust issues. On it seems there's a bit of creepiness & some predatorial behaviour. Trust, safety & raport are kinda crucial to me.

I really feel good about this community, so I would like to ask for some hypnotist recommendations from you guys.

For some days there has been this part of me craving to get hypnoed and pushed to just book a train, pack a small bag and travel somewhere for a weekend to get Hypnotized heavily.

And to just mindlessly obey a master, wear a leather collar, be a good boy, be petted on my head by the master and enjoy a kinky hypno-weekend exploring leather stuff.

It's Always nice to be able to go deep into trance every now and then. Even though tbh I must admit I have a strange relationship with hypno. Sometimes I just distance from it because I just like it way too much and I obsess with it way too much and then it's just this loop of my Hypno craves getting the best of me. So what happens with me is that I swing back to hypno only to then swing a bit away for a while. Now that I think of it. it's like a pendulum.

After so many weeks of not doing any hypno mp3s and after so many months of not doing any hypno sessions I finally had luck with having one. Oh man, it was AMAZING!


Just keep in mind that good things may just hit you when you expect it the least. So make sure you always keep yourself being able to recognise them when they are suddenly around you.


NONE of you is completely lost. There's a good chance you're already (or still) on the right track. Maybe you are unsure because you just can't see any assuring indications of being on the right road - yet. And it's also fine to be a bit unsure.

I really do know that it's just so easy to lose hope. I loose it quickly too. And that your certainty of better tomorrows evaporates quickly as well. Mine does too.


And that during this moment you just STOP THINKING about whether it's "too good to be true" or whether "its gonna last or not".

Really. These places and these ppl do exist. And is NOT too late for any of you. You might just be slightly off the schedule and that's okay. It's completely fine.


I have realised that I almost forgot about how good it feels when ppl honestly and truly appreciate you as a being. When they just softly and indirectly compliment you. When it's authentic and not just some generic politeness.

When after some time you once again realise that it's NOT too late for you. That you HAVEN'T missed your train. You are just slightly late and it's just fine.

When you realise that you're actually NOT lost. That you are still on a right path.


just finished making my new avatar + made a GIF as well - makes me super horny and super crazy to go mindlessly obedient and lost in trance.

it's a realy nice and really convenient combination to relax, to just lay on the sun and let my mind drift, to get nicely empty and quiet...

I just hope I don't get sunburnt 😅

But thanks to this awesome guy @HairyHypnotist I was able to make the step of going bald and feeling good with it. Also thanks to his hypno skills I enabled myself to find a way of being okay with my body. Noticing there's just nothing unusual about it for me to be uncomfortable.

So these days summers are much more enjoyable for me ^^ cant believe how many reservations I used to have..

Ahhh.that GOOD FEELING of laying on the sun having a blindfold and listening to a hypno file on loop.

In past I never liked summer. Always sweaty.always overly conscious of my sweaty chubby looks. Never enjoying the short sleeves. It really sucked for me.

Accepting the fact you are a hairy and a bit chubby bear type guy that started growing beard while nobody around understood the beard trend, was ..well.. Complicated...

Nothing like listenign to a good hypno file to clear your mind 🌀

And even nicer to go inline skating with that nice and freshly emptied mind 😑

Did 19 km on skates. Super tired. But happy. It´s a really good way of getting positive vibes, enjoying the outside, the sun , the air, the nudist lake, the nice soft wind on your skin.

Quite a relaxing way of reconnecting with your body and letting your mind rest for a bit.

Now now. If u excuse me. Its time for me to sleep 😅

How do you guys handle those hypno craves that hit you hard, but it's especially at a time, when it'snot a good time for you to go comletely mindless.

Lemme know.

Part 3/3

But being in a life phase when everything collapses, one feels completely not understood, abandoned and really dysfunctional, broken and exhausted. Well it always feels good to (as Cher would say) "snap out of it" and reclaim some control over things.

Now now. Fingers crossed and let's hope my drive for excercise survives long enough to fix my neglected physical status.

Been having that amazing feeling of finally reconnecting with my body after such loong "silent" period.

And finally having that feeling of reclaiming some control over my life and well being. Must say that it felt liberating.

Don't get me wrong. I definitely enjoy hypno control and brainwashing. A lot.

On Tuesday I finally got myself to go do some inline skating. Felt AMAZING!

Letting all those self doubts and anxieties and being overly conscious about appearances fade away into irrelevance.

(At some point it felt a little bit similar to my experiences with @HairyHypnotist, where I also broke through my inner restrains)

At some point it was just me actively relaxing and just peacefully strolling by. Not much of thinking. Just doing.

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